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Efficiency Deficiency

The little things add up when you?re striving to be your best.

Even the most dedicated people sometimes look for shortcuts in reaching their physique goals. I’ve been asked to help others improve their physiques, and when I question why they’ve chosen not to do certain tasks or exhibit a certain level of commitment, they often ask, ‘Does that really matter?’

It does indeed matter. Ninety-nine percent of the time we’re not doing enough to give ourselves the best chance to reach our bodybuilding goals. We’re simply hoping we can slide by with just a little less work.

There’s always a place for efficiency, or getting maximum results while putting forth the least amount of effort. Usually, though, that’s not the problem. Fancy strategies can never replace good old-fashioned hard work.

If you find yourself falling into that pattern of thinking, you’re not alone. Even with my experience and knowledge I find myself thinking the same way.

The power of the mind is incredible. Our minds can lead us to more success than we ever imagined possible’or to results that are far less than we’re capable of achieving. Often, our success depends on what we ask our brains to figure out for us.

Let’s say two people are trying to improve their bodies. One person asks himself, ‘What can I do to create the best physique possible for a person in my situation?’ and the other asks, ‘Do all of those little details’such as performing extra cardiovascular training, taking protein powders or working out hard at every single session’really matter?’ Who do you think will eventually have the better physique?

When you consistently put forth your very best effort, without making any excuses, you’re going to feel great about what you’re doing. When you do the things you know you must do to reach your training goals without trivializing any of the necessary steps along the way, you’ll discover what winning is all about.

Let’s all make the commitment today to stop asking ourselves, ‘Does it really matter?’ and just do it!

If we want to be happy with our bodybuilding endeavors, we must stop kidding ourselves. The sooner we do, the better we’ll look and feel. When we catch ourselves searching for shortcuts and wondering, ‘Does it really matter?’ let’s make our answer, ‘Yes. It all matters!’

Editor’s note: Skip La Cour’s book Thinking Big is a step-by-step workbook designed to help you use your mind to achieve your physique goals more effectively. To order, send a $25 check or money order to Thinking Big, P.O. Box 1136, Pleasanton, CA 94566. For credit card orders call 1-800-447-0008, ext. 1. For more information about natural bodybuilding visit La Cour’s Mass Machine Web site at To add your name to his Empowering Information mailing list, call 1-800-655-0986, ext. 6000, or e-mail your name and address to [email protected].

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