Ironman Magazine Ultimate Beginner Ebook

Author: Iron Man
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The fact that you are reading this right now has made it clear that you’ve committed to changing your life for the better by developing your dream physique, which will inspire others. It will not only drastically improve the way you look and perform, but will improve your long-term health for many years to come. The fact that you’re looking at this has also established that you’re not sure what to do or how to do it and you can benefit from as much reliable information as you can find.


With the help of this e-book, you’re going to learn and be able to apply the principles of a solid and healthy nutrition plan, the proper exercises and strategies in weight training to help you build muscle, the differences between different types of cardiovascular activity to help you burn fat and increase endurance so you’re not just a body for show but also a body to go, which supplements your need to support your efforts, along with sound motivational tips to help you out during those days you may not feel up to training or the nights you have self-doubt and are thinking about giving up.


Your guide to proper exercises and strategies to build muscle and burn fat.


  • 12 week training program.
  • Principles of a solid and healthy nutrition plan.
  • How to count your macros.
  • Guide to supplements.
  • Winning motivation and mindset.

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