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Eat To Grow: Meat Your Muscles

Don?t deprive your growing body of solid-food protein

A big reason that many trainees fail to make optimal gains from their training is insufficient protein intake. Because of all the powders and bars available, most fail to eat enough solid food.

If you ask them why they miss meals, they frequently respond that it’s inconvenient and time consuming to cook several times a day. It may seem an obvious solution, especially since so many bodybuilders already do it, but you should prepare meat in fairly large quantities for frequent feedings.

One easy method is to broil a few pounds of chicken and steak and fry some ground meat (do drain the fat). If you cook it all at once, taking perhaps an hour, you’ll have enough protein to feed your muscles for days, especially if you alternate solid meals with shakes like Muscle Meals. All you need to do is select a portion from a Tupperware container, nuke it in the microwave and set it on a plate with some vegetables and/or starchy carbs.

Do that consistently, and watch your muscles grow. Don’t deny your body the protein it needs to turn all your hard training into a hard body. IM

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