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Eat To Grow: Meat the Pundits

Be a carnivore no matter what the self-proclaimed experts say

Being a vegetarian may be the politically correct thing to do these days, but I’m convinced it’s not the way to go for anyone who is trying to be as big and strong as possible. Two people in my family are vegetarians, and since they’ve adopted that lifestyle, they have become dramatically less healthy in appearance. To be blunt, they look sickly, and their hair is falling out. I know that it’s possible to get all the protein and essential fats you need through proper combinations of grains and legumes, but it’s so much simpler and more effective to just eat a chicken breast or a piece of red meat instead.

I was recently treated by an acupuncture therapist who tried to push his vegan beliefs on me. Noting that I was a bodybuilder, he said, ‘You know, the biggest, strongest animals in the world are vegetarians’elephants, gorillas.’

‘So you’re saying that if I munch on leaves all day, I’ll weigh 400 pounds and drag my knuckles too?’ He had no retort.

Never waste two seconds of your mental energy pondering such a foolish argument. Humans are omnivores. We are meant to eat every type of food. It’s why we have such different types of teeth and a digestive system that can handle meat, grains, vegetables and dairy products. Eat your meat without guilt and be strong! IM

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