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Cutler Passes on Olympia

The ?02 Mr. Olympia lineup, already weakened by Shawn Ray?s announcement that he won?t be competing, received another blow last week.

June 15, 2002 Report:

The ’02 Mr. Olympia lineup, already weakened by Shawn Ray’s announcement that he won’t be competing, received another blow last week when Jay Cutler officially ruled out being on the Mandalay Bay stage in October. The 28-year-old Cutler stunned the bodybuilding world last year when he pushed four-time champion Ronnie Coleman to the limit, leading the contest by six points after the prejudging only to be passed up by the Big Nasty in the final two rounds. Thus, the second- and fourth-place finishers at last season’s event won’t be in the field this time around. Cutler went on to win the Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic four months after the Olympia and said he’ll be back onstage next March to defend that title.

The 5’9′, 265-pounder cited his having peaked twice in four months, coupled with a rigorous guest-posing schedule, as the reasons he won’t be donning his posing trunks at the O. From where I sit, though, other factors must have entered into Jay’s decision. He had to be greatly disappointed with the outcome of last season’s show. How often has an athlete led by six points after the judging only to lose the battle at the night show? There’s also the aggravation caused by Cutler’s drug-test failure, which was overturned less than a month after it was announced. Keep checking the Hot News, and the News & Views in IRONMAN for updates on the Olympia lineup.

Marvelous Melvin Marries

In a move more stunning than Jay Cutler’s pulling out of the Mr. Olympia, Marvelous Melvin Anthony took a bride on June 8. Considering that Melvin was engaged’to fitness pro Bebe Giraldo‘until recently, the announcement of his marriage to Yvette Ruiz at Malibu Bluffs Park in Malibu, California, was dramatic, to say the least. In any case, best wishes to Melvin, who became a born-again Christian in April, and Yvette

Mendenhall Moves to Denver

Former NPC star Matt Mendenhall, who at one time was thought of as the heir apparent to Lee Haney’s Mr. O crown, was divorced recently and has relocated from Raleigh, North Carolina, to Denver, Colorado. Mendenhall, who’s become an expert in pain relief, is doing a new type of biomechanical analysis combined with neuromuscular therapy and active-releasing techniques. He’s also conducting fitness and wellness seminars for corporations and can be contacted at [email protected].

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