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Creatine for the Health of It

The number-one power and bodybuilding supplement has antioxidant properties, too.

Given all the latest research and growing anecdotal evidence that a postworkout recovery shake goes a long way toward boosting protein synthesis and aiding recovery, the masses are finally catching on. Not drinking a shake after your workout is akin to shooting your gains in the foot’you miss a prime opportunity to facilitate proper recuperation and stimulate new gains. What a lot of people fail to understand is that you need to drink that shake immediately after training, not an hour later. Too many trainees wait until they get home to mix and drink their shakes. By showering and dressing at the gym and driving a half hour to get home, they needlessly squander a critical hour of enhanced nutrient assimilation.

Doing the right thing only takes a little bit of planning. Your options are either to premix your RecoverX or similar drink and bring it with you in a spillproof container, or to bring the container’the new shakers with plastic screens work exceptionally well’with the dry powder in it so you can mix it up in the locker room.

Whatever you do, don’t waste precious time after training before slamming the protein and carbs back into your starving muscles. If you do, you’re seriously cheating the potential gains you bust your butt for.

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