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Cavities Are Contagious

7210-mind5• According to the May ’13 Bottom Line Health, “Bacteria in the mouth can cause cavities, [so] cavities and gum disease are contagious.” That means kissing or even drinking from the same glass as someone can increase your risk of “catching” a cavity. Apparently, there’s a lot of kissing going on in England.

• According to the June ’13 Health, “Cocktails containing diet soda could make you 18 percent more drunk than ones with regular soda.” Why? No calories, so the stomach has nothing to digest. The alcohol is “mainlined” into the blood stream. No doubt diet soda sales will spike on college campuses across the country when this gets out.

• Vitamins for better hair? Could be—as in vitamin D. The sunshine vitamin has been found to help hair follicles thrive and may be important for kick-starting new growth. Get at least 600 units per day or get out in the sun for 15 minutes a day—bald-spot burning not necessary.

• According to the February ’12 Better Nutrition, Pycnogenol can help remedy erectile dysfunction when combined with L-arginine. Pycnogenol is an antioxidant derived from pine bark—so the term “getting wood” is on the money.

—Steve Holman


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