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  • Low Reps for More Mass?

    Q: Is it true that more experienced lifters need fewer reps to stimulate growth? A: Yes, indeed. It makes an enormous...

    Charles PoliquinDecember 29, 2009
  • How to Strip Off Bodyfat, Part 1

    The formula for losing bodyfat applies to you just as it does to a professional bodybuilder, but the pros take it...

    Stuart McRobertDecember 17, 2009
  • New Studies From the ISSN Conference

    The focus of the annual meeting of the International Society of Sports Nutrition is the lectures given by highly qualified experts...

    Jerry BrainumApril 9, 2009
  • Women, Weights and Waistlines

    While such fat is undesirable from an aesthetic viewpoint, when it’s around the waist, it has a far more ominous portent...

    Jerry BrainumMarch 13, 2009
  • Get Stronger, Feel Younger

    One line from authors Wayne Wescott, Ph.D., and Gary Reinl sums up their book: “Remember, you are not trying to lose...

    Becky HolmanSeptember 29, 2008
  • Personal Trainers in the Gym

    None of the 46 women in the study was a competitive bodybuilder—they were recruited at local health clubs.

    Jerry BrainumJuly 24, 2008
  • The Inner Warrior, Pt 3

    An Eye-Opening Interview With Scientist, Artist, Author and Nutrition Maverick Ori Hofmekler

    Jerry BrainumJanuary 8, 2008