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Cancer Answers?

Just about everyone knows someone who has had to deal with cancer. Or maybe you have been directly hit with it. It’s very scary—and we all want to prevent it. Good news: A brew may help.

Don’t get too excited; we’re not talking Budweiser. It’s tea.

According to new research in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, chamomile tea is full of apigenin, an antioxidant that “attaches to key proteins and helps reprogram cancer cells so they lose the power to prevent their own death.” [Prevention, Oct. ’13]

So drink more chamomile tea—it can also help you sleep.

Here’s the shocking news though: Do not add a lot of sugar. Sugary foods that spike insulin pack on fat and make you more disease prone. Plus, the latest research is finding that sugar may actually “feed” cancer cells so they proliferate faster.

According to “Cancer Cells Are Sugar Addicts,” mutated cells need glucose—sugar—to stay alive and grow. [Well Being Journal, Sept./Oct. ’13].

From the work of Thomas Seyfried, Ph.D., the recommendation to fight this horrific disease is to “minimize any ‘after meal’ blood sugar and insulin spikes that can fuel cancer.”

Keep in mind that fat and/or fiber in foods can slow digestion, minimize blood sugar overload and reduce insulin spikes. That means less inflammation and cancer proliferation.

So avoid snacking on crap foods packed with simple sugar as often as possible—but you already knew that. It’s just another reminder.

—Steve Holman

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