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Book Review: Strength Training Anatomy

Drawn to Muscle. Strength Training Anatomy Is Fascinating.

Michael G’ndill has become one of IRONMAN’s most popular writers in recent years, and his Kinesiology column in the Train to Gain section is a hands-down favorite. While his writing is obviously the big draw, Fr’d’ric Delavier’s illustrations are what catch the eye initially. They’re absolutely spectacular, and the detail is precise. Delavier now has a book filled with his illustrations, Strength Training Anatomy.

I’ve had a review copy of Delavier’s book on my desk for a while, but whenever I pick it up, I end up spending my time looking for new variations to add to our workouts at the ITRC. It fascinates me every time I open it.

Delavier doesn’t list any routines, as the premise is to show the proper form and technique for hitting exact muscle groups’and it shows just about every exercise you could think of. The information and images are truly mind-bending.

Strength Training Anatomy is a great book for those who are interested in visualizing exactly what muscles they’re working or for those wanting to isolate a trouble spot. It’s also great for anyone who’s fascinated by anatomical drawings or wonders what we’d look like without skin.

‘Jonathan Lawson Editor’s note: Strength Training Anatomy is available for $17.95 from Home Gym Warehouse, 1-800-447-0008, or visit

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