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Blanchette Says, No Way, Jose, to Work-stoppage Rumors

Or is that rumours? Here?s what ?00 Ms. Olympia Lightweight Andrulla Blanchette, a.k.a. the buffest Brit, had to say…

April 18, 2002 Report:

Or is that rumours? Here’s what ’00 Ms. Olympia Lightweight Andrulla Blanchette, a.k.a. the buffest Brit, had to say regarding the charge that she and a gentleman named Charles Peoples were trying to organize the women bodybuilders and incite a work stoppage:

‘On the subject of a female bodybuilders union, as well as a scheme to deflect other athletes from contests: It’s the first I’ve heard of it. It isn’t my aim to affect whether or not other women compete. As far as making waves, yes, I’ll make a few, but I will do it honestly, by sharing some truths with the fans and others involved in the sport of bodybuilding.’

The B.B. was responding to statements made by IFBB Pro Division director Wayne DeMilia in an article posted at titled, ‘Why Andrulla Blanchette Didn’t Compete at the 2002 Ms. International.’ Blanchette was not permitted to compete because she had not sent in her signed contract or contacted him or the promoters, explained DeMilia, who also had some strong words regarding alleged efforts by Blanchette and Peoples, who runs the Web site, ‘trying to start a union, have athletes sign contracts, then not show up in order to show their power to the IFBB. If that happens,’ he concluded, ‘we will end womens [pro] bodybuilding.’ When pressed by this reporter as to where he’d gotten that information, DeMilia said it had come from athletes who’d been contacted and told him about it.

Andrulla’s complete response regarding her adventures at the Arnold Classic/Ms. International and the above charge is found at ‘click on Press Room. I weighed in on her nonapparance at the Columbus, Ohio, festivities in the June IRONMAN (click on Pump & Circumstance) and will have more on the Rashamon-like aspects of this story in the July issue. In the meantime fans and other interested parties can navigate to the above statements and read for yourself.

Speaking of Rumors

The stories that Kelly Ryan would be skipping the Fitness Olympia this year are no longer current. As of the first week of April hubby Craig Titus was telling folks that the high-flying one would indeed be onstage in Las Vegas come October. In the meantime, she’ll definitely be flipping off against Jenny Hendershott, Kim Chizevsky and a league of other leaping ladies at the Southwest Pro on May 3-4, so she must be feeling better vis a vis the back troubles that kept her out of the Fitness International in February.

Elsewhere on the Pro Fitness schedule

Expect a Mak attack when the gang convenes in Bratislava on April 27, as described in the April 2 Hot News report. The curvaceous and vivacious Laura Mak is always a threat to earn a top-three spot and pick up an Olympia qualification, and this show should be no exception.

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