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Pure muscle in six weeks with the Big-and-Ripped Stack!

How would you like to pack on almost 18 pounds of pure muscle in six weeks? It can be done’legally’thanks to new information that’s led to a combination of powerful new compounds, none of which are illegal. The key is the anabolic and fat-burning synergy produced by specific elements in each compound.

The first compound falls under a completely new classification of supplements called enzyme catalysts. It comes from an exciting field of research that’s still in its infancy, but there’s already plenty of evidence that these catalysts have incredible potential to accelerate muscle growth.

Every reaction in the body’including your natural testosterone production, natural growth hormone production and natural insulin secretion’begins with certain enzyme reactions that occur deep inside your cells. Think of enzymes as thousands of tiny computer chips inside your cells directing the chemistry of your body. Some affect only heart cells, some just liver cells, and some affect muscle cells, which can jump-start your system into becoming much more anabolic. With the new enzymes you’ll have a microscopic army working full speed to dramatically heighten every anabolic reaction in your body.

The amazing enzyme catalyst is forskolin, which significantly increases your body’s natural production of a master enzyme called adenylate cyclase that has a direct influence on all muscle-building and fat-burning enzymes in the body. In fact, forskolin has been clinically proven to burn fat faster than the popular drug fenoterol, which is very similar to clenbuterol. Using forskolin is the first step toward helping you get to your biggest and most ripped bodyweight as quickly as possible.

The forskolin supplement Nitro-Cuts is designed to amplify your anabolic enzyme system and make the other three compounds in the Big-and-Ripped stack work like sheer madness.

The next compound you’ll add is Methoxybol-7, which contains two key elements. The first is 20 hydroxy-ecdysterone, a nonhormone anabolic that’s not testosterone based but is still powerful enough that researchers who conducted a clinical study on it said it was ‘superior to the well-known Russian synthetic compound called methandrostenolone’better known to American bodybuilders as Dianabol.’ Ecdysterone is so effective because it directly affects the important fast-twitch fibers’the ones that have the most potential for muscle growth’better than D-bol.

The second anabolic compound in Methoxybol-7 is called methoxyisoflavone. It was developed more than 30 years ago by a Hungarian pharmaceutical company as a prescription anabolic; however, since many other anabolics’such as Deca, Anavar and Anadrol 50’were already being marketed, the company decided to market it to elderly Europeans as a treatment for osteoarthritis. Because methoxyisoflavone is also nonhormonal, it’s now legal for sale in the United States, just as 20 hydroxy-ecdysterone is.

So now you have two major pharmaceutical anabolic compounds combined with all those anabolic enzymes. That alone should help turn you into a walking, talking statue of granite muscle in a matter of weeks’but there’s more.

The next formula is Pyroclen, a ripping agent that works hand-in-hand with Nitro-Cuts’ awesome fat-burning action. Pyroclen is the famous ephedrine-caffeine-and-aspirin stack, but it’s different from most of the similar products: All three of the ingredients in Pyroclen are 100 percent pharmaceutical grade, and they’re American’no cheap Chinese herbs here! Pyroclen is one of just a small handful of compounds that still contain pure ephedrine, which is hands down the best preworkout stimulant you can get. Many bodybuilders have slashed their bodyfat to far below 4 percent just using Pyroclen alone. Imagine what it can do in combination with Nitro-Cuts and Methoxybol-7, not to mention our fourth anabolic accelerator. The last compound is a synergistic bomb. Remember that every reaction in your body requires the proper enzymes in order to react at maximum levels, including testosterone production. That’s very important because you’re about to be introduced to the most powerful legal muscle-building concept available’anabolic-enzyme amplification.

All testosterone precursors are converted to testosterone by the liver in a process that requires very specific enzymes’namely 17-beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase. It’s required in large amounts in order to convert all testosterone precursors into real testosterone. When that happens efficiently, you start growing like a demon; however, the body normally produces only small amounts of the crucial testosterone-converting enzyme, certainly not enough to convert the hundreds of milligrams of testosterone precursors that many bodybuilders take on a daily basis.

Because you’ll be taking Nitro-Cuts along with the new testosterone-precursor compound Andro-Stack, you’ll have an ample supply of enzymes available to convert more of all six precursors contained in Andro-Stack more efficiently to real, muscle-building testosterone and nandrolone.

Andro-Stack contains the six most potent testosterone precursors available: 19 nor 4-diol, 19 nor 5-diol, 19 nor 4-dione, 4-adiol, 5-adiol and 4-adione.

Undoubtedly, the four supplements discussed above are the most powerful new muscle-building, fat-slashing system legally available without a prescription. Here’s a recap of the four-pronged Big-and-Ripped stack:

1) Nitro-Cuts. This compound causes massive enzyme formation, which ignites all anabolic and fat-burning processes in your body. In fact, it burns fat more effectively than a drug similar to clenbuterol.

2) Methoxybol-7. This one contains two powerful nonhormonal anabolic compounds’ecdysterone, which has a stronger effect on the fast-twitch fibers than Dianabol, and methoxyisoflavone, an anabolic pharmaceutical from Hungary.

3) Pyroclen. A pharmaceutical-grade ephedrine-caffeine-and-aspirin stack that rapidly burns fat’plus, it gets you jacked up like nothing else for your intense training sessions.

4) Andro-Stack. A select group of powerful testosterone precursors that feed off the enzyme proliferation caused by Nitro-Cuts. It turns your body into a testosterone-conversion factory.

The result of taking all four of these breakthrough supplements as you ramp up your intensity in the gym is pounds of pure, shredded muscle with minimal bodyfat. This stack can tranform your body in a matter of six short weeks!

Get Big and Ripped Now and Save Money

Using Nitro-Cuts, Methoxybol-7, Pyroclen and Andro-Stack together can potentially get you bigger and more ripped than you’ve ever been. You can purchase them through various suppliers, but we want to make it easier and more cost effective for you to test this incredible anabolic, fat-blasting combination. Here’s what you get in our new IM Research Team Big-and-Ripped Stack:

Nitro-Cuts, a forskolin-and-guggulsterones combo, one 90-capsule bottle, 20 milligrams of each compound per capsule, a $39.95 value.

Methoxybol-7, an inoecdysterone-and-methylmethoxyisoflavone compound, one 90-capsule bottle, 200 milligrams per serving, a $69.95 value. Pyroclen, an all pharmaceutical-grade ephedrine-caffeine-and-aspirin combination, one 100-capsule bottle, a $26.95 value.

Andro Stack, all six available testosterone and nandrolone precursors available without a prescription, one 60-capsule bottle, a $69.95 value. Add it all up and it comes to $207, but if you call 1-800-447-0008 and ask for the IRONMAN Research Team’s Big-and-Ripped Stack, you can get all of the above for only $99.95, a savings of more than $107’that’s less than half-price! Call now and take advantage of this special offer while it lasts. We’ll even throw in an IRONMAN Training & Research Center T-shirt’although that might not be such a great incentive, since your new muscle will rip through the seams in a matter of weeks once you get on the Big-and-Ripped Stack. Get ready for the most awesome workouts and gains of your life. IM

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