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Barbell Plates, Gym Dates and Soul Mates

Meeting the man or woman of your dreams?at the gym?

You’ve probably read some comments from writers who were disgusted at modern gyms being ‘meat markets’ and ‘pick-up joints’ for young singles. After all, they angrily declare, gyms are for serious training only! Well, we all know that human beings aren’t robots. We can’t turn off our sex drives every time we walk through the gym door.

What’s wrong with couples meeting at the gym? First of all, you know that someone you meet there shares your interest in fitness. You’ve got something very important in common already. Relationships in which one person trains and the other doesn’t often fall apart quite rapidly.

The fact that you both exercise is no guarantee of long-term happiness, but it’s a great start. As long as you’re actually training at the gym and not just hanging around looking for the next sexy girl or guy to come your way, feel free to meet and mingle with anyone you desire. Who knows? The next person you get to know that way could be the man or woman of your dreams. IM

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