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7204-mind5Telomres, according to an article in the August ’12 Whole Health Insider, are the end-caps on chromosomes that prevent the chromosomes’ DNA from being compromised. When telomeres shrink, you age faster, with a higher risk of everything from cancer to stroke to heart attack to osteoarthritis. The question is, How do we keep those telomeres from degrading and keep ourselves more youthful and healthier longer? The article suggests that magnesium—200 to 500 milligrams a day—may help.

It seems that telomeres depend on magnesium to prevent shrinkage. Foods high in magnesium include cashews, Brazil nuts and pumpkin seeds. It’s a good idea to combine them with supplements to enhance synergy. Another possible shrinkage-preventing nutrient for telomere vitality is resveratrol. You can get that in supplement form as well as from lentils, sardines and, yes, red wine. I prefer a good cabernet. Hey, it’s in the name of longevity. It was a favorite of Jack LaLanne too.

—Steve Holman


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