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2004 California Pro Figure: Goodlad Makes Good and ’04 Hungarian Pro Results

There’s an unspoken adage in physique competition that when it’s your time to win, all you have to do is come in your best-ever shape.

Reported June 13, 2004

Hungarian Pro
1) Aleksandra Kobielak
2) Joana Kotkansalo
3) Lisbeth Halikka
4) Mascha Tieken
5) Gabriella Furjan
6) Alejandra Abdala
7) Ildiko Kallai

Hungarian Pro
1) Stacy Simons
2) Klaudia Kinska
3) Tanji Johmson
4) Laurence Sarrazin
5) Eszter Ovdry
6) Lynsey Beattie-Ahearne

Reported June 3, 2004

'04 California Pro Figure: Goodlad Makes Good

CULVER CITY, Calif.'There's an unspoken adage in physique competition that when it's your time to win, all you have to do is come in your best-ever shape. That happy convergence of events took place on May 29 at the '04 California Pro Figure Championships, where top-seeded Elaine Goodlad picked up her first pro victory in a one-point squeaker over Zena Collins.

After her third-place, Olympia-qualifying finish at the Pittsburgh Pro, where she pushed ahead of frequent top-fiver Mari Kudla-Donnelly, Goodlad had to be considered the favorite here. To many observers, her stunning presence in the lineup was all she wrote for the 35 other competitors who strolled the stage in stilettos at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium.

Collins, fourth in Pittsburgh, brought her seriously symmetrical physique to the stage in peak condition as well, and while she missed out on the win, she moved up to the Figure Olympia invite list in only her second outing as a pro. Also moving up was '03 NPC National champ Amber Littlejohn, seventh with a bullet in Pittsburgh, who shot ahead of Kudla-Donnelly to take third at this top-three qualifier.

It was a tough lineup all around, with most of the competitors in outstanding condition. Since only a handful of the many figure pros'outside of the big three: Davana Medina, Monica Brant and Jenny Lynn'stood out from the crowd last season, the rest of the ranks are all hungry to become the one or two per show who (finally) get an early callout. At the Cal the winner in that category was Lena Johannesen, a former highly ranked fitness athlete who came back to competition in figure after a couple years' layoff. Last season Lena was too lean and pretty much washed out; this time the Norwegian Goldilocks came in just right to land in fourth.

Also leaping to a top-five finish was Kimberly Becker, who tied for 20th in Pittsburgh. Nice footwork, Kim!

'04 California Pro Figure Championships

1) Elaine Goodlad*
2) Zena Collins*
3) Amber Littlejohn*
4) Lena Johannesen
5) Kimberly Becker
6) Cristine Pomponio
7) Mari Kudla-Donnelly
8) Michelle Adams
9) Melissa Frabbiele
10) Latisha Wilder
10) Andi Breunig
12) Allison Bookless
13) Mavis Tozzi
14) Lisa Schaerer
15) Sandra del Vechio
16) Alexandra Kobielak
17) Christine Wan-Wyzik
18) Patty Garner
19) (tie) Inga Nenerayskaite, Rhonda Riley, Chandra Tangi
23) (tie) Aleison Abdala, Adita Banerjee, Valerie Bennett, Lorena Cozza, Jennifer Devine, Deboria Denio, Lisbeth Halikka, Tammie Leady, Lisa Reed, Aristea Rizos, Michelle Sharp, Libby Streeter

*Qualifies for the Figure Olympia.

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