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10 Ways to Reel in the Babes

Step-by-step for the cautious. Take notes.

1) Smile when she looks over. Catch her eyes briefly. Be patient. Your goal is to keep her intrigued but guessing.

2) Mirror her signals. If she turns her body toward you, turn your body toward hers. If she leans her elbow on the bar, you do the same. Don't make eye contact while you do it, though; otherwise, you'll look calculating. Mirroring gives the subtle impression of having something in common.

3) Approach her from the side. This makes you less threatening and increases her interest. It also allows you to deflect gracefully if her boyfriend suddenly returns from the john.

4) Wait for a break in conversation, but don't hover. Forget the clever lines. Say hi. Give her your name. Wait for her to give hers. Talk to her like a relative you actually get along with. She's reluctant? Don't give up (unless she's flipping you the bird). Both men and women are overly ready to feel rejected.

5) Keep your eyes above her neck. Glue them in place if you have to.

6) Leave soon, but briefly. Don't promise to be back. Just say, 'Excuse me for a minute, I have to catch up with my buddy. It was great meeting you.'

7) Return to your pals for 10 minutes. Stay out of her line of sight, but let her see you every now and then.

8) Approach her again. If she has picked up another suitor, act relieved instead of jealous. The more the merrier. Calmly evaluate her response to the other fellow. He probably has nothing on you.

9) Reel her in. Once you're in her group, motion with your head for her to lean in'there's something you don't want others to hear. Say, 'You're probably just killing time until your boyfriend gets here.'

10) Run off with her if she laughs and shakes her head no. Ask her to sit at a booth away from the crowd. Take it from there.

'Ken Winston Caine, A Man's Guide to a Woman

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