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Stronger Wrists and Forearms

/ Posted 12.17.2014

Having strong wrists and forearms is extremely valuable in many sports. Wrestling heads the list, of course, but also baseball, … continue reading

Destroy Plateaus With Isometronics

/ Posted 12.16.2014

In the past few columns I’ve been sharing with you some of the best but little-known advanced techniques that can … continue reading

Build Size and Power With Deadlifts

/ Posted 12.14.2014

Q: You are known as a pretty good deadlifter. Are there any points on technique you can give that will … continue reading

What muscles does the deadlift train?

/ Posted 12.13.2014

Q: What muscles does the deadlift train? A: There are four main forms of the deadlift. Done properly, they are among the … continue reading

Massive Muscle Gains Without Joint Pain

Q: I am loving the 4X Mass program. When I am done with it, should I, at my young age … continue reading

The Peaking Axis Pt 2

/ Posted 12.11.2014

In Part 1 of this discussion I explained the carb-water dynamic. You may want to review that and the illustrations … continue reading

Burning Fat and Keeping Muscle

/ Posted 12.10.2014

Q: Right now my main goal is to burn bodyfat while keeping as much of the muscle I built over … continue reading

Switch-Leg Split Squats

/ Posted 12.08.2014

If you want to hit the quads, glutes and hamstrings thoroughly, try this variation of the split squat that has … continue reading

Slow Negatives for Power?

/ Posted 12.07.2014

Q: I recently purchased your P/RR/S e-book and DVD and was curious as to why you recommend four-second negative reps … continue reading

Training with Bad Shoulders

/ Posted 12.06.2014

Many readers have never had shoulder problems—like rotator cuff tears, arthritis or loss of cartilage, which is the cushioning between … continue reading

Is kettlebell training just a fad?

/ Posted 12.05.2014

Weight training is subject to fads as much as any other field. All you have to do to know that … continue reading

Get New Size and Strength With Wave Loading

/ Posted 12.03.2014

Q: I’ve heard the term wave loading tossed around the gym. What is it? A: With a wave-loading cycle you … continue reading

Building Your Muscles from Underneath

Sometimes to build more mass you have to go deep; that is, you have to build the muscles underneath. Here … continue reading

When should you change your workouts?

/ Posted 12.01.2014

Here’s a question I get a lot: “When should I change up my workouts?” My answer: When they stop delivering … continue reading

Tension Time and Muscle Fibers

/ Posted 11.30.2014

Q: Do some muscles respond better to longer tension times? For example, I’ve heard that calves do best with high … continue reading

High-End Hypertrophy Progression

Q: I got The Ultimate Power-Density Mass Workout 2.0 and was motivated by [Mr. America] Doug Brignole’s interview and how … continue reading

Don’t Let Age Be Your Excuse

/ Posted 11.28.2014

When I was in my 20s in the 1990s, I vividly recall older guys telling me to enjoy being strong … continue reading

Tension-Overload Training

You know those times when you walk into the gym and just aren’t feeling it? Don’t turn around and walk … continue reading

Curls for Complete Forearm Development

/ Posted 11.26.2014

Q: Are hammer curls and barbell wrist curls enough for complete forearm development, or do I need to include reverse … continue reading

Retiring From Competition?

/ Posted 11.24.2014

Q: I saw on social media that you’ve retired. Are you done with bodybuilding? What precipitated your decision to retire? … continue reading

Staying Motivated for Competition

/ Posted 11.21.2014

Q: I’ve just started to learn about natural bodybuilding, and after being a tad disappointed when coming across a lot … continue reading

Rounding Out the Glutes

/ Posted 11.20.2014

Q: I’m preparing for my first figure show, but my glutes are a little flat and not tight enough. What … continue reading

Bodyweight BS

/ Posted 11.07.2014

“What are you weighing these days?” “What weight are you gonna come in at?” If you’re a bodybuilder, you have … continue reading

Get More Grow Days: Part 1

/ Posted 10.25.2014

One of the misconceptions many bodybuilders have is that the more they train, the more they will grow—that the more … continue reading

Build Insane Strength

/ Posted 10.07.2014

I’ve got a workout for you that’s very simple and very challenging—and it’s going to push the limits of what … continue reading

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