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  • Caffeine Makes Everything Better

    Pre-workout caffeine is probably part of your daily routine, but what about mid-workout caffeine? A new study showed the potential of...

    Sharon OrtigasAugust 1, 2017
  • Pump And Circumstance

    Build strength and size in your upper arms with this burner of a triceps workout. Jay Ashman   The triceps are...

    Sharon OrtigasJuly 31, 2017
  • A Balanced Workout

    A recent study published in The Journal Of Sports Medicine And Physical Fitness compared the back squat and the leg press,...

    Sharon OrtigasJuly 26, 2017
  • Sprint For Your Life

    If you love the weights but hate cardio, we have good news for you. A study published in the online journal...

    Sharon OrtigasJuly 25, 2017
  • Cardio And Weight Debate

    Do you do your cardio in the same session you hit the weights? While that might be a logistical necessity for...

    Sharon OrtigasJuly 24, 2017
  • Perfect 10

    When time is short, hit one of these mini-blasters and get on with life. By Eddie Avakoff, owner of Metroflex LBC...

    Sharon OrtigasJuly 19, 2017