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Latest Research On Chromium

Chromium is an essential trace mineral, which means it’s required for human nutrition but in small amounts. The notion that chromium is an essential mineral first surfaced with studies on rats conducted in the 1950s. Rats deprived of chromium became ...

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Muscle-Building Science

Someone once wrote that “bodybuilding isn’t rocket science,” which implies that bodybuilding training is simplistic and requires no thinking or analysis. Anyone who has been involved in bodybuilding for any length of time, however, knows that it’s not quite as ...

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Artificially Speaking, How Sweet It Isn’t

Many people are concerned about the widespread use of artificial sweeteners, including aspartame and sucralose, and the possibility that they may cause serious health problems, ranging from brain tumors to various neurological issues, like chronic headaches. Even so, the majority ...

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Inject to Grow?

The primary purpose of using anabolic drugs, such as testosterone, steroids and growth hormone, is to trigger added muscle beyond what is attainable naturally with training and diet. Of course, athletes who use anabolic drugs also train intensely and go ...

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