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Moderate-Weight Mass Building

/ Posted 03.29.2013

Q: I love the Super-TORQ mass method you outline in the Power-Density 2.0 e-book. I’m 55 years old, so moderate weights are great for me, but I can’t quite wrap my head around doing such high reps at every workout. I alternate with heavy workouts as you suggest in the e-book because I’ve brutalized my joints over the years (screw you, heavy benches–Lol). Is there a MODERATE-power/Super TORQ workout I could use instead?

2013 NPC Emerald Cup Poster

/ Posted 03.27.2013

May 3rd and 4th – Bellevue, Washington. [+] Click to Enlarge

Arnold’s Championship Training Secrets: Creating a Cavernous Chest

/ Posted 03.26.2013

By Arnold Schwarzenegger as told Gene Mozee Photography by Art Zeller I’ve never been a big believer in the “great … continue reading

Joe Weider, Legendary Bodybuilding and Fitness Icon, Dies at 93

/ Posted 03.23.2013

November 29, 1919 – March 23, 2013 Joe Weider, the legendary fitness and publishing figure who popularized the modern conception … continue reading

15 Minute Arm Assault

/ Posted 03.20.2013

Fifteen minutes, 900 seconds, a quarter of an hour—if you’re on the clock and feeling the pressure, you can get … continue reading

3 Steps to a Big Bench Press [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.19.2013

My friend Shawn Hayes and I started training together, and his goal was to get his bench up to a … continue reading

7 Forgotten Mass Moves [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.13.2013

Overlooked Exercises, Tips and Tactics You Can Use to Get Huge Most bodybuilders get stuck in a rut, even if … continue reading

April 2013 Issue Preview

/ Posted 03.08.2013

Our April issue starts with an interview with Ben Booker. The man has a physique that rivets your attention, and … continue reading

TORQ Up Power-Density: A New Twist for Muscle Immensity

/ Posted 03.08.2013

Q: I’m torn between heavy training and higher reps [TORQ]. I like ending bodyparts with lighter-weight, high-rep sets for longer tension times and more pump, and now I’m hearing that ALL-high-rep workouts are best. I’m almost 30, but I want to grow as fast as possible. Should I try all-high-rep training for a while, or is that more for when I’m older and can’t train heavy anymore?

Arm-Building Secrets of the Pros

/ Posted 02.27.2013

Disclaimer: I intentionally misled you with the title to get your attention. There really are no “secrets” of the pros … continue reading

Get Abs Like Arnold With These 4 Exercises

/ Posted 02.25.2013

by Arnold Schwarzenegger as told to Gene Mozee This article originally appeared in the November 1993 Issue of IRON MAN … continue reading

Forearm Freakiness: Eye-Popping Muscle Hanging Out of Your Shirtsleeves

/ Posted 02.19.2013

Q: I need some forearm mass. In a short-sleeved shirt I’d rather have some beef hanging out rather than my twigs. What is a good routine to pack on some mass on my front and back forearms? And I need some veins too.

5 Critcal Keys to Extreme Muscle Mass [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 02.15.2013

So many bodybuilders hit the gym with one goal—to get stronger. A stronger muscle is a bigger muscle, right? To … continue reading

Federica Bellli Hardbody [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 02.05.2013

Federica Bellli Lives the Fitness Lifestyle With Passion From the gym to television and cinema, from Paolo Bonolis to Pamela … continue reading

Bodyfat Gone, Muscle Mass On: Best Gym Moves Now

/ Posted 02.01.2013

Q: I got your updated 4X Mass Workout 2.0. I love the [higher-rep] TORQ method and 4X combo workouts. I feel it working already–the burn is intense. Question: I’m now trying to drop fat and build muscle, so will those [higher reps] help or should I include negative-accentuated [X-centric] sets too? – Iron Man Magazine Cover Shoot Preview

/ Posted 02.01.2013

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Subscriptions Available for Instant Online Access to Ad-Free Iron Man Magazine Insider

/ Posted 02.01.2013

The new IRON MAN Insider is up and growing by leaps and bounds! What is the IRON MAN Insider? It’s … continue reading

March 2013 Issue Preview

/ Posted 01.31.2013

[IM Insiders can download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More] Our March issue is jam-packed with training excitement— … continue reading

Muscle Size and Cuts: Go Slow to Grow and Burn Fat

/ Posted 01.21.2013

Subject: IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #724: Muscle Size and Cuts: Go Slow to Grow and Burn Fat ========================================== TRY THIS … continue reading

Abs for Life Part 2

/ Posted 01.18.2013

An Australian sent me a picture a few years ago that I still use in presentations. No, it wasn’t a … continue reading

Jen Jewell: IM 2013 Swimsuit Spectactular Video

/ Posted 01.18.2013

Check out these behind-the-scenes clips of our sizzling swimsuit spectacular, featuring IFBB Bikini Pro, Taylor Matheny and 5 other beautiful … continue reading

Lauren Abraham: IM 2013 Swimsuit Spectactular Preview

/ Posted 01.18.2013

Here is a preview of Lauren Abraham’s photoshoot for IRON MAN’s 2013 Swimsuit Spectacular. IM Insiders have full access to … continue reading

Visit the IRON MAN Booth at the 2013 LA Fit Expo Presented by

/ Posted 01.17.2013

Come by the Ironman Magazine booth this weekend and say hi! Here is the schedule of our athlete signings! They … continue reading

Taylor Matheny: IM 2013 Swimsuit Spectactular Video

/ Posted 01.17.2013

Check out these behind-the-scenes clips of our sizzling swimsuit spectacular, featuring IFBB Bikini Pro, Taylor Matheny and 5 other beautiful … continue reading

10 Keys to a World-Record Bench Press

/ Posted 01.16.2013

During the past 15 years I’ve interviewed hundreds of the best bench pressers in the world. I also have locked … continue reading

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