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  • Alexis Ellis

    Alexis Ellis The NPC IRON MAN Figure competition has only been around for three years, but it’s become one of the...

    Iron Man MagazineJune 23, 2010
  • Christina Lindley

    Christina Lindley If Christina Lindley looks familiar, it’s not without reason. Lately she seems to be everywhere. She’s appeared in just...

    Iron Man MagazineJune 22, 2010
  • Kimberly Page

    Kimberly Page We all want to believe that we’re smart and good looking, but more often than not, people have one...

    Iron Man MagazineAugust 6, 2009
  • DeeAnn Donovan

    DeeAnn Donovan Looking at DeeAnn Donovan, your first impression might be that she’s in her late 20s, drives a small, fast...

    Iron Man MagazineAugust 5, 2009
  • Carmen Garcia

    Carmen Garcia Fitness models are a staple at the big bodybuilding-and-fitness expos. Any-one who’s been to the L.A. FitExpo, Arnold Fitness...

    Iron Man MagazineAugust 4, 2009