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  • Summer Eating!

    Summer is here and the BBQ season is in full swing. But watch out because a recent study indicated that American’s...

    Sharon OrtigasJune 15, 2010
  • What contest should you do?

    Everyone wants to make a big splash the first time they step on stage to compete. From the moment that I...

    Sharon OrtigasMay 12, 2010
  • How soon to start a contest prep?

    I just got back from the 2010 NPC Orange County Muscle Classic in Anaheim this weekend, and I am always amazed...

    Sharon OrtigasApril 27, 2010
  • Not all Veggies are created equal!

    In every contest diet or fat loss diet, I give my clients a list of good vegetables and bad ones that...

    Sharon OrtigasApril 21, 2010
  • Quick Weight Loss = Increased Metabolic Slow Down

    I am constantly asked about questions regarding metabolism and there there are a few basic things that everyone should understand about...

    Sharon OrtigasApril 3, 2010
  • Cheat Meal or No Cheat Meal?

    I am one of those diet coaches who definitely believes in the value of giving cheat meals to my competitors. There...

    Sharon OrtigasMarch 18, 2010