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  • Plank you very much!

    Over the last few years, planks have become as common as crunches and hanging leg raises. A recent study has shown...

    AdviceIron Man MagazineJune 8, 2016
  • It’s Almost Summer Time, Are You Ready?

    It’s Almost Summer Time, Are You Ready? That’s the question that 99% of us are asking on a daily basis. The...

    LatestSharon OrtigasMay 27, 2016
  • Diamond Calves

    We can separate people into two categories in the gym. No, not the dedicated versus the lazy. I am talking about those with genetically blessed calves...

    AdviceIron Man MagazineMay 16, 2016
  • Building Up the Legs

    You don’t have to go to absolute failure to build your legs. The main thing is to do more than you...

    BodypartJohn HansenMarch 26, 2016
  • Do What Needs to Get Done Now

    How badly do you want to build an outstanding physique? How hard are you willing to work to achieve it? Most...

    Beginning BodybuildingSkip La CourMarch 3, 2016
  • How to Get Ripped: Part 3 Full Body Training Program

    Here it is Part 3 of the “How to Get Ripped” Training Program. This workout is designed with all compound exercises....

    LatestSharon OrtigasJanuary 21, 2016
  • Do The Weights Lift You Up part 3

    When I was in grade school, the teachers always gave tests after the lesson had been taught; weight...

    DeterminationSharon OrtigasDecember 17, 2015
  • ’Tis the Season to Be Lazy?

    Get your workouts done on a regular basis, and you’ll hit the new year running.

    LatestDave GoodinDecember 16, 2015
  • Do The Weights Lift You Up? Part 1

    Do the weights lift you up? There are a number of fascinating ways weight training explains the world. The analogy between...

    DeterminationSharon OrtigasOctober 28, 2015
  • Are You Mad Enough! Part 3

    If you’re mad enough below is all the motivation you’ll need to change you fitness reality! Three Strategies To Challenge your...

    DeterminationSharon OrtigasOctober 21, 2015
  • Are you mad enough! part 2

      Killer Instinct Often, trainees and athletes develop and maintain a killer or conqueror instinct when pursuing greatness and pushing beyond...

    DeterminationSharon OrtigasOctober 6, 2015
  • What Should A Gym Sound Like?

    “Can you keep it down, please?” Says the lady on her cell phone earpiece as you pull a new PR deadlift...

    Gym CultureEddie AvakoffSeptember 14, 2015
  • Training vs Working Out

    Training vs. Working Out In today’s world, working out is a very casual term reserved for people that typically visit their...

    LatestSharon OrtigasAugust 2, 2015
  • How To Boost Your Metabolic Rate

    I’ll tell you one thing, and that is, steady state-low intensity cardio will NOT increase your metabolic rate. Quite the opposite...

    FitnessSharon OrtigasMarch 21, 2015
  • Manipulate Your Mind With Weight Training

      Right before my training at the gym, I get this lump in the back of my throat, it’s the onset...

    InspirationSharon OrtigasMarch 19, 2015