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  • MuscleContest Pro-Sonia Sizzles in Torrance

    Not that we could expect anything less after her surprise win at the Bikini International on March 3, but Sonia Gonzales...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 11, 2012
  • For Those Who Like to Watch

    One fabulous aspect of covering the Arnold Sports Festival pro shows: I got to do wrap-up videos with Nancy DiNino, for...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 9, 2012
  • Bikini International— Sonia Surges Again

    It was a hot time in Columbus at the ’12 Arnold Sports Festival even though the weather was nippy. Plenty of...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 6, 2012
  • Postexpo Facto

    That had to have been the best L.A. Fit Expo ever. I must have done a dozen video interviews (fun for...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanJanuary 31, 2011