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  • Muscle Atrophy: What It Is, Causes and How To Prevent

    Muscle atrophy is a condition where the muscles shrink and degrade, making them less functional and eventually causing an individual to...

    Anti-agingIronManSeptember 25, 2022
  • Will Doing Cardio Hurt My Muscle Gains?

    You are trying to achieve your fitness goals and keep reading how important weightlifting is in building muscle, but what about...

    adviceIronManJuly 10, 2022
  • What You Did Not Know About Creatine Loading

    Aside from working out and making dietary changes, using creatine may help bodybuilders to build muscles faster. Creatine is one of...

    Blog PostIronManOctober 19, 2021
  • Finish Strong

    If you like to train for strength—think big compound movements in the four- to six-rep rage try capping off your manly sets with a lightweight finisher. Sports scientists at the...

    AdviceIron Man MagazineApril 22, 2016
  • Most Valuable Supplement

    When you walk in to any nutrition store, one of the supplements that is always recommended when trying to increase muscle mass is creatine. To...

    AdviceIron Man MagazineApril 15, 2016
  • Green Tea Leads To Greater Lean Body Mass

    Previous research has shown that green tea has thermogenic or metabolism-boosting and anti-obesity properties. Therefore, Gabrielle Aparecida Cardoso and colleagues decided...

    LatestIron Man MagazineSeptember 8, 2015