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  • The Hurrle Bird Catches Another Worm

    Finally saw my first pro women's physique shows last night at Jon Lindsay’s IFBB Pro Grand Prix, where Sara Hurrle picked...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanApril 16, 2012
  • Miami Heralded: A Big Thumbs-Up for the Nationals

    It is a full week now since the NPC Nationals, and people who worked the show in one way or another...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanNovember 26, 2011
  • Breaking News!!!

    Going into the IFBB Pro ranks I knew exactly what I would be up against.  Although I've competed in (and won)...

    Blog PostDave GoodinNovember 16, 2011
  • Mid-May Break—but It’s a Short One

    A pause in the busy spring schedule provides a moment to highlight a competitor who really caught my eye in the...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMay 15, 2011
  • Men’s Physique Success

    This year the NPC introduced the Men's Physique division to many NPC sanctioned events. Just last week California had its first...

    Competitive PyschologySharon OrtigasApril 4, 2011
  • Men's Physique Is a Hit

    About halfway through the judging of the NPC’s first men’s physique division in Southern California, at the MuscleContest Championships on March...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanApril 1, 2011
  • Men’s Physique’s Auspicious Debut

    I felt Bikini would be big in the NPC after it was added to the agenda three years ago. I must...

    Blog PostLonnie TeperMarch 30, 2011