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  • The Beginning or The End

    Voting for politicians that tell you what you want to hear has all but destroyed civilization- giving in to outrage in...

    Arthur JonesMay 2, 1972
  • Intensity the Hard Way

    Almost all bodybuilders are firmly convinced that they are training very hard but, in fact, I have never seen a single...

    Arthur JonesJanuary 22, 1972
  • Speaking of Pump – One Arm Problem Solved

    When I saw Franco Colombu for the first time, at the Mr. Olympia contest in New York in 1969, I was...

    Arthur JonesFebruary 14, 1971
  • A Totally New Concept in Exercise and Equipment

    Exactly how do such exercises work? Well, a detailed explanation would require a lengthy book – but I can rather briefly...

    Arthur JonesNovember 19, 1970
  • The Upper Body Squat

    In general it has long been believed by most bodybuilders that the legs respond fastest to training. After a year of...

    Arthur JonesSeptember 1, 1970