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Charles Poliquin

Charles Poliquin is recognized as one of the world’s most successful strength coaches, having coached Olympic med­alists in 12 different sports, including the U.S. women’s track-and-field team for the 2000 Olympics. He’s spent years researching European journals (he’s fluent in English, French and German) and speaking with other coaches and scientists in his quest to optimize training methods. For more on his books, seminars and methods, visit

  • Simple Muscle-building Fat-loss Workout

    Q: Can you give me a simple muscle-building and fat-loss workout I can do at home twice a week? I’ve been...

    Complete WorkoutsCharles PoliquinApril 21, 2016
  • Hardcore Workouts for Bigger Chest, Back and Arms

    Q: I’m interested in some hardcore workouts for my chest, back and arms. I’m not interested in getting any stronger, just...

    ArmsCharles PoliquinMarch 25, 2016
  • What is the best curling machine for developing the biceps?

    Q: What is the best curling machine for developing the biceps? A: If you had asked Nautilus inventor Author Jones that...

    ArmsCharles PoliquinMarch 4, 2016
  • Uni-angular Tri-sets for Bigger Arms

    Q: I’d like to try a training cycle to bring up my arms, which are lagging behind my other bodyparts. I’ve...

    ArmsCharles PoliquinFebruary 23, 2016
  • Ultimate Secret to Discipline

    There is no such thing as discipline. There is only love. You are the result of what you love most. You...

    AdviceCharles PoliquinDecember 19, 2015
  • Rests Between Sets for Max Strength

    Q: I need more strength, especially on the bench press. How long should I be resting between sets? A: The length...

    LatestCharles PoliquinJune 24, 2015
  • The Right Training Frequency for Muscle Growth

    Q: Should I train each muscle twice a week or once a week for the best hypertrophy? A: Rather than thinking...

    Complete WorkoutsCharles PoliquinMay 27, 2015
  • Preexhaustion vs. Postexhaustion

    Q: What is preexhaustion and postexhaustion? Are they good for muscle growth? A: For preexhaustion you fatigue a muscle with a...

    LatestCharles PoliquinMay 3, 2015
  • How Many Sets and Reps?

    There are so many different views on training that I am confused. Is it best just to stick with eight to...

    Complete WorkoutsCharles PoliquinMarch 31, 2015
  • Manipulating Rep Speed

    Q: Should I use plyometric-type “speed” sets to get as big as possible? I am most interested in bodybuilding, but I...

    LatestCharles PoliquinJanuary 8, 2015
  • Get New Size and Strength With Wave Loading

    Q: I’ve heard the term wave loading tossed around the gym. What is it? A: With a wave-loading cycle you work...

    LatestCharles PoliquinDecember 3, 2014
  • Tension Time and Muscle Fibers

    Q: Do some muscles respond better to longer tension times? For example, I’ve heard that calves do best with high reps,...

    LatestCharles PoliquinNovember 30, 2014
  • Antagonistic Supersets

    Q: What do you think about supersetting opposing muscles? I read that Arnold liked supersetting chest and back, but is the...

    LatestCharles PoliquinSeptember 25, 2014
  • Best Between-Sets Rest for Mass

    Q: I see everything from 30 seconds to four minutes as the best rest to take after each set.  Which should...

    LatestCharles PoliquinAugust 26, 2014
  • Keys to Getting Big

    Q: I love training heavy. That’s the best way to get big, right? A: The types of muscle fibers that significantly...

    LatestCharles PoliquinJuly 30, 2014