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Manipulating Rep Speed

/ Posted 01.08.2015

Q: Should I use plyometric-type “speed” sets to get as big as possible? I am most interested in bodybuilding, but … continue reading

Get New Size and Strength With Wave Loading

/ Posted 12.03.2014

Q: I’ve heard the term wave loading tossed around the gym. What is it? A: With a wave-loading cycle you … continue reading

Tension Time and Muscle Fibers

/ Posted 11.30.2014

Q: Do some muscles respond better to longer tension times? For example, I’ve heard that calves do best with high … continue reading

Antagonistic Supersets

/ Posted 09.25.2014

Q: What do you think about supersetting opposing muscles? I read that Arnold liked supersetting chest and back, but is … continue reading

Best Between-Sets Rest for Mass

/ Posted 08.26.2014

Q: I see everything from 30 seconds to four minutes as the best rest to take after each set.  Which … continue reading

Keys to Getting Big

/ Posted 07.30.2014

Q: I love training heavy. That’s the best way to get big, right? A: The types of muscle fibers that … continue reading

5 Reasons Not To Eat Soy

/ Posted 07.23.2014

Bottom line: Soy is for dorks, particularly misinformed dorks. Here are five reasons not to eat soy: Reason 1: Soy … continue reading

Science of Eccentric Training

/ Posted 07.04.2014

Q: I hear good and not so good things about negative training. I get very sore when I do it, … continue reading

Get Bigger and Stronger With Angle Training

/ Posted 06.16.2014

Q: I’m thinking about taking a handful of basic exercises and working out three days a week. Is that a … continue reading

Best Time to Return to German Volume Training

/ Posted 06.13.2014

Q: I’ve heard and read tons about how I need to change my routine frequently in order to obtain maximal … continue reading

What is the correct form for lateral raises?

/ Posted 06.04.2014

Q: I see people in the gym using different techniques on lateral raises. Some keep their arms straight and lower … continue reading

Avoiding Wrist Pain with Upright Rows

/ Posted 05.09.2014

Q: I’ve heard that upright rows are one of the best primary exercises, but all I get is severe wrist … continue reading

New Arm Mass With the 100-Reps Tactic

/ Posted 05.07.2014

Q: I heard that you are a proponent of the 100-reps method. Is that the same as 10×10? A: They … continue reading

What is the best training frequency for individual bodyparts?

/ Posted 04.15.2014

Q: I’ve been training for two years and have made good progress. What is the best training frequency for individual … continue reading

When performing 1 1/4 squats, why do you recommend a quarter movement at the bottom of the squat?

/ Posted 04.13.2014

Q: I’ve heard that you recommend performing 1 1/4 squats, in which you do a quarter movement at the bottom … continue reading

How realistic are the weight losses we see on weight-loss TV shows?

/ Posted 04.09.2014

Q: How realistic are the weight losses we see on weight-loss TV shows? Also, do you think these shows inspire … continue reading

Do you still use the same training methods you used with elite athletes from the 80s and 90s?

/ Posted 04.04.2014

Q: You trained many elite athletes in the ’80s and ’90s. Do you still use the same training methods you … continue reading

Q: When is the best time to weight train?

/ Posted 04.02.2014

Q: When is the best time to weight train, and when is the best time to do energy-system training such … continue reading

What’s A Great Preworkout Caffeine Kick?

/ Posted 03.24.2014

Q: I know you’re big on caffeine, but what about drinking coffee instead of taking caffeine pills? A: Coffee is … continue reading

Are Good Mornings Bad for the Back?

/ Posted 01.15.2014

Q: What is your opinion of good mornings? I understand they’re bad for the back. A: What I find interesting … continue reading

Favorite Supplements for Muscle Building

/ Posted 01.13.2014

Q: What are your favorite supplements for muscle building? I’m new to bodybuilding and want to get a head start. … continue reading

Grip, Mass and Overload

/ Posted 01.11.2014

Q: I can’t use heavy weights on my back exercises compared to what I use for pressing movements, and it … continue reading

How much rest for chest-and-arm workouts?

/ Posted 12.30.2013

Q: For a chest-and-arm workout, how much rest time should I take between exercises? Also, would you give me an … continue reading

Q: When is the best time to train?

/ Posted 12.26.2013

Q: When is the best time to train? A: You know instinctively that the best time to train is whenever … continue reading

Back Pain And Leg-Mass Gains

/ Posted 12.24.2013

Q: I have good form on the squat, but I often strain my lower back on it.  As a result … continue reading

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