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  • How To Set Healthy Fitness and Diet Goals

    Fitness and diet are a much-talked-about topic today. Everyone wants to be healthy and fit, and two inevitable ways to achieve...

    AdviceIronManMay 17, 2021
  • Man up!

    If your goal is to have ripped abs, a muscular body, and long-lasting sex, then your total testosterone levels should be...

    AdviceIron Man MagazineMay 25, 2016
  • Dragon-Slayer On the Hot Seat

    The Dragon-Slayer, former Bodybuilding champion and businessman, Rich Gaspari is going to be doing a photo shoot with King-of-the-lens photographer, Michael...

    Blog PostDavid YoungJuly 20, 2011
  • Recovery Questions

    Question: From Tony DiMartino over at ROC Boxing. Dave, Iā€™m doing some intense Double K Bell workouts involving: ring push-ups, pull-ups...

    Blog PostDavid YoungApril 14, 2011
  • Meeting a Legend and Stealing His Muscle Building Secret

    I got a chance to meet, chat with and take some photos of legendary IFBB Pro Robby Robinson recently. He was...

    Blog PostDavid YoungApril 10, 2011
  • Basic Concepts for Lean Mass Gains ā€“ Manipulate Training Tempo

    The first bodybuilding coach I know of to make use of this technique was Vince Gironda. Vince generally advocated slowing down...

    Blog PostDavid YoungOctober 22, 2010