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  • The Real Cause of Aging

    Scientists have offered a multitude of  reasons for why we age. The factors that are involved in aging range from a...

    Blog PostJerry BrainumFebruary 16, 2010
  • Don’t grow old

    Last night, I watched an interesting documentary produced by the BBC called” Don’t Grow Old.” As the title implies, this program...

    Blog PostJerry BrainumFebruary 8, 2010
  • What I Use and Why

    I divide my supplementation program into preventive, performance and brain nutrients. The preventive supplements, as the name implies, supply nutrients that...

    Blog PostJerry BrainumJune 7, 2008
  • The Distant Past

    When I first began bodybuilding more than 40 years ago, supplement choices were limited. Popular supplements in those days included brewer’s...

    Blog PostJerry BrainumJune 3, 2008
  • Over-40 Nutrition: Pt 1

    Contrary to popular belief, the primary health benefits of bodybuilding become most apparent after age 40. That’s the beginning of the...

    Blog PostJerry BrainumJune 1, 2008