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  • Ms. International—Yaxeni Keeps It Alive With Five

    In the couple of weeks leading up to the Arnold Sports Festival after we found out that Iris Kyle would be...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 6, 2012
  • Game On! The Arnold Invite Lists Are Out

    Defending champs Branch Warren, Iris Kyle, Adela Garcia, Nicole Wilkins and Nicole Nagrani will top the lineups at the ’12 Arnold...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanDecember 22, 2011
  • Letting Loose in Columbus

    What a fun time we had at the Arnold Sports Festival, the event formerly known as the Arnold Fitness Weekend. Good...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 9, 2011
  • The Arnold Lists Are Out!

    Merry Christmas to all, and especially to all who made the invite lists for the ’11 Arnold Classic and Ms. Fitness,...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanDecember 23, 2010
  • Columbus Combat—Arnold Sports Festival Wrap-Up

    A few postmortems on the Arnold Sports Festival pro-physique competitions, which took place on March 5 and 6, in Columbus, Ohio,...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 9, 2010
  • Ms., Fitness and Figure Internationals Results

    The top six in all three sports qualify for the 2010 Olympia. ’10 Ms. International 1) Iris Kyle 2) Yaxeni Oriquen-Garcia...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 6, 2010
  • Ms. International Judging

    Never thought I’d be so happy to see the back of Steve Weinberger’s head in a contest shot. Of course, having...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 5, 2010
  • Arnold Time

    So weird not to be going. If I were in Columbus, Ohio, right now, I’d be standing in the corridor outside...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 4, 2010
  • Arnold Invites, Take 2

    Just waking up from a long winter’s nap… Is it my imagination or has there been an unheard-of game of musical...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanFebruary 8, 2010
  • The Arnold Invites Are Out! Olympia Champs to Put It on the Line in Columbus

    The invites to the Ms., Fitness and Figure International competitions are out. Fourteen female bodybuilders, 16  fitness athletes and 20 figure...

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanDecember 21, 2009
  • Kyle-Style Muscle and More

    Here’s my interview with Iris Kyle on the morning after she won her fourth Ms. International title.

    Blog PostRuth SilvermanMarch 9, 2009