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Ori Hofmekler and Marc Salzman

  • Anabolic Antioxidants

    If you want more muscle, don't neglect free-radical scavengers.

    NutritionOri Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanSeptember 1, 2004
  • B More Muscular

    How vitamin B fuels bodybuilding progress

    Ori Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanAugust 1, 2004
  • Grow With N.O.

    Boosting nitric oxide naturally

    Ori Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanJuly 1, 2004
  • Recharge to Get Large

    Don?t forget R and R in your quest for size and strength

    Ori Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanJune 1, 2004
  • Can Colostrum Promote Growth?

    An interview with colostrum expert Dr. Robert Marshall

    Ori Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanMay 1, 2004
  • Critical Carbs

    Why Carbohydrates Are Essential for Muscle and Health

    Ori Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanMay 1, 2004
  • Pick Your Protein: Eating for optimal muscle gains

    In order to satisfy the body?s demand for protein and facilitate muscle gain, dietary protein must have the following three qualities.

    Ori Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanApril 1, 2004
  • Fat-Burn Biology, Part 2

    The Three Cs of Fat Loss: Carbs, Cold and Calm

    NutritionOri Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanOctober 1, 2003
  • Fat-Burn Biology, Part 1

    Taking Away the Reasons for Fat to Exist.

    Ori Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanSeptember 1, 2003
  • The Anabolic Switch: A Revolutionary Diet Cycle

    A good example of the undereating-and-overeating phenomenon is the competitive bodybuilder. The competitive cycle forces the body to reach a maximum...

    Ori Hofmekler and Marc SalzmanMay 1, 2003