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iron man

  • Key Principles to Building Arms With Authority

    Although I’ve been writing training articles for several years, I’ve avoided doing an article on arm training. Because guys in the...

    Blog Postiron manMay 10, 2012
  • Back-to-Basics Workout

    I’m looking for a workout that uses compound exercises. I keep hearing about the basics, but no one ever says what...

    Blog Postiron manMay 5, 2012
  • Supersets for Super Human Size & Strength

    Supersetting is one of the most powerful muscle-building techniques you can use—and that’s not conjecture but scientific fact. Just as the...

    Blog Postiron manApril 28, 2012
  • Size Made Simple

    Exercise programs come and go, and some even stay around for a while. Every now and then an old lifting technique...

    Blog Postiron manApril 8, 2012