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Frank Zane

  • 9-to-5 Sequence for Legs

    It’s a nine-day sequence that uses a three-way split, and you train one day, then rest two before the next workout—so...

    BodypartFrank ZaneSeptember 21, 2008
  • Symmetry, Archery and Arnold

    The best archers in the USA were there, capable of hitting a bull?s eye the size of a half-dollar at 60...

    Frank ZaneJuly 1, 2005
  • How Much Rest Is Best?

    Efficient recovery ability is the question

    Frank ZaneJune 1, 2005
  • One-Leg Calf Raises

    Is it the best lower-leg exercise?

    Frank ZaneMay 1, 2005
  • The Finishing Touches

    Physique refinements for peaking properly

    Frank ZaneMarch 1, 2005
  • Train With Zane

    The Write Stuff

    Frank ZaneAugust 1, 2004
  • How Slow Should You Go?

    I?ve never really done workouts with both a slow positive and a slow negative except when the weight was extremely heavy.

    Frank ZaneJune 1, 2004
  • Train With Zane

    What?s the Difference?

    Frank ZaneMay 1, 2004
  • The Power of Movement

    In bodybuilding, everything seems to work if you let it. this is the paradox: If you keep doing more and...

    Frank ZaneApril 1, 2004
  • Train with Zane: Squats Made Easy

    I remember squatting with Arnold in 1972 before the Mr. Olympia. We both made it up to 10 reps with 405...

    Frank ZaneNovember 1, 2003
  • Train With Zane: Vacuum Your Waist

    If you?re interested in learning the stomach vacuum, the most important exercise is the dumbbell pullover, which you do while lying...

    Frank ZaneOctober 1, 2003
  • Train With Zane
    Entrain, Don’t Strain

    Relaxation techeniques and meditation helped Frank Zane recuperate better from his workouts, destress and build one of the greatest physiques of...

    Frank ZaneSeptember 1, 2003
  • Train With Zane
    Rythm Method

    Listening to rhythmic music or a metronome during cardio work can make it less boring and appear to go faster, in...

    Frank ZaneAugust 1, 2003
  • Train With Zane: Symmetry Seasoning

    I concentrate on doing more sets in less time without sacrificing the amount of weight I use.

    Frank ZaneJune 1, 2003
  • Train With Zane: The Diet Dilemna May 2003 62-5

    It?s not a bad idea to stay on a reasonable diet, but it?s often difficult to continue the extreme deprivation you...

    Frank ZaneMay 1, 2003