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Leucine: The Great Equalizer

/ Posted 09.06.2014

We all love whey protein. In fact, we love it because it tastes great and it’s less filling. Just kidding. … continue reading

Can You Eat Too Much Protein?

/ Posted 08.19.2014

Can you eat too much protein? An interesting question that suggests a second question: When does “too much” actually occur? … continue reading

Caffeinated Gum for Workouts

/ Posted 07.21.2014

Who doesn’t like chewing gum? Exactly. Most everyone loves the rubbery stuff. It’s great while you work; it’s great when … continue reading

Spirulina: Even Good for Bodybuilders

/ Posted 06.28.2014

Spirulina is a blue green-algae that can protect the brain, reduce liver fat and even help you exercise better. Though … continue reading

Latest Research on Creatine and When to Take It

/ Posted 04.24.2014

Despite what a few contrarians have claimed, it does matter when you take certain nutrients and supplements. Specifically, it does … continue reading

What’s the most important meal of the day?

/ Posted 03.18.2014

What’s the most important meal of the day? If you answered, “Breakfast,” then you need to take a remedial course … continue reading

Before or After?

/ Posted 02.16.2014

What’s the most important meal of the day? If you answered, “Breakfast,” then you need to take a remedial course … continue reading

Exercise, Protein and Older Trainees

/ Posted 12.17.2013

I was a fan of the late, great Jack LaLanne. Sure, he sold his PowerJuicer, but he was also the … continue reading

Lowfat Diets Are So Passé

/ Posted 11.09.2013

Long before Atkins and others popularized the low-carb diet, bodybuilders were using the strategy. In fact, they were doing it … continue reading

How Much Protein Do You Need Per Meal?

/ Posted 09.04.2013

What’s the magic number? Twenty grams? Forty grams? How much protein should you get per meal? The dirty little answer … continue reading

DHEA Fights Painful Muscle Soreness

/ Posted 07.31.2013

Yeah, DHEA, a.k.a. dehydroepiandrosterone, is the most abundant steroid hormone in the body. Most would say that it’s good just … continue reading

Protein, Oats and Performance

/ Posted 06.27.2013

Did you know that protein derived from oats has ergogenic benefits? Though we know the importance of animal-based proteins, the … continue reading

Protein for Sport Performance

/ Posted 05.13.2013

Which is better? Carbohydrate alone or an isocaloric amount of carbohydrate plus protein? Those old-school fools will tell you that … continue reading

Phosphatidic Acid

/ Posted 03.27.2013

As always, some of the best science in the field of sports nutrition is being published in the ISSN’s peer-reviewed … continue reading

Whey Protein vs. Lots of Calories

/ Posted 02.14.2013

If you go to Burger King and “have it your way” or leave KFC with that “finger-lickin’ good” taste in … continue reading

Battle of the Sexes: Losing Bodyfat

/ Posted 11.26.2012

If you follow the high-carb mantra touted by the American Heart Association, the realization eventually hits your cortex that it … continue reading

Is Protein Superior to Carbohydrates for Health?

/ Posted 10.21.2012

In the never-ending quest to find the “best” protein available, suffice it to say that they all have their roles … continue reading

The Power of Protein

/ Posted 09.25.2012

I love protein. In fact, my colleague Lonnie Lowery, Ph.D., R.D., and I just published a book on protein called … continue reading

What Is the Most Anabolic Food?

/ Posted 09.01.2012

If milk is so bad for you, why does the data say the opposite? I have a close friend—a physician … continue reading

Is Six Meals a Day Really the Way?

/ Posted 07.02.2012

You’ve heard the mantra: Eat frequently—five to seven small meals daily, each including a serving of protein, healthy fat and … continue reading

Liquid Protein More Thermogenic Than Solid Protein?

/ Posted 06.26.2012

Protein has the highest thermic effect of the three major macronutrients. In fact, one of the reasons that high-protein diets … continue reading

The Muscle-Building Joy of Soy

/ Posted 05.22.2012

Soy protein has been around since about the time Jesse Owens was kicking some major German ass in Berlin, at … continue reading

Whey Helps You Get Lean

/ Posted 04.19.2012

I teach a college class in exercise physiology at a private university in south Florida. The questions I get are … continue reading

Eat More Acid

/ Posted 03.18.2012

If you slept through chemistry class, you probably forgot the mnemonic device for memorizing the essential amino acids: PVT TIM … continue reading

Is One Big Dose Better Than Multiple Small Doses?

/ Posted 02.17.2012

In the never-ending debate of gorging vs. grazing—well, sort of—an intriguing study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition … continue reading

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