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Shoulder Workouts IFBB Pro Matt Christianer Shoulder Training with Iron Man Magazine

/ Posted 07.05.2012

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Muscle Stretch and Timing

Q: When should I stretch? I know that’s important, so should I do it before or after my weight workout? … continue reading


Cardio: Burn Fat, Not Muscle

/ Posted 02.03.2012

For years I had the typical bodybuilding more-is-better frame of mind when it came to using cardio to get in … continue reading


Hypers: Safe Gains, No Strains

/ Posted 02.02.2012

The “hyper”—short for hyperextension—is still a common exercise in commercial gyms, heavy gyms, high school and college weight rooms, as … continue reading


Calves, Quads and Addiction

/ Posted 02.01.2012

Q: I’ve noticed that high calves seem to be more prevalent among African-American and Caribbean bodybuilders than among Caucasian bodybuilders. … continue reading


P/RR/S and Split Variation

/ Posted 01.29.2012

Q: I’ve been using P/RR/S training for months now, and it’s working great. I love the variety aspect; it makes … continue reading


How Branch Got a Bad-Ass Back

/ Posted 01.28.2012

Exactly three years before Branch Warren won the ’11 Arnold Classic, I was sitting in the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in … continue reading


Best Feet Placement for Bench Press

/ Posted 01.26.2012

Q: I have some disk problems in L3-L5, and bench pressing with my feet on the floor tends to bother … continue reading


Superset Training for a Fast Pump at the Gym

/ Posted 01.23.2012

Q: I’m looking for something challenging that will give me a good pump but will get me out of the … continue reading


How to Get Longer Rests with 4X

Q: I get more fatigued than most people. I tried the 4X method, and 30 seconds between sets just doesn’t … continue reading


Genetic Limit to Muscle Growth

/ Posted 01.16.2012

Q: I have a few questions. First, how do you get into photo shoots, and do you make a lot … continue reading


FD/FS Mass-Building Success

/ Posted 01.15.2012

Q: I recently purchased your FD/FS e-book [at], and after two weeks on the program I’m smiling like a … continue reading


Personal Trainer Competence

/ Posted 01.13.2012

Q: How to do you assess whether a personal trainer/strength coach is competent? A: It’s very easy. Can his female … continue reading


Q&A: Frills Exercise and Packing On Lat Size

/ Posted 01.10.2012

Q: I’ve been training for a few years, but I still don’t have even 15-inch arms, let alone the 17-inch-plus … continue reading


POF Chest Routine

Q: I have a flat chest. I’ve been using your Positions-of-Flexion training for a while, and it’s given me some … continue reading


Lateral Raises and Shoulder Trauma

/ Posted 01.09.2012

The lateral raise—a.k.a. lateral or side lateral—is one of the most common shoulder exercises. It doesn’t take long for any … continue reading


To Bulk or Not to Bulk?

/ Posted 01.05.2012

Q: I bought your book and am reading it. Currently I’m in a big dilemma. First, I’m 23 years old, … continue reading


Bodybuilding’s Numbers Game

/ Posted 01.03.2012

Q: What do you think of the 10-8-6 program? I started lifting in the ’70s, and health clubs commonly prescribed … continue reading


Big and Ripped Quick: X-centric-Only Workouts

Q: I’ve gotten new growth recently by using X-centric sets for arms. I started getting good soreness after every workout, … continue reading


Maintenance Programs for High School Footballers

/ Posted 12.29.2011

Q: What do you think about using maintenance programs for high school football players during the season? A: Not much. … continue reading


Alternate POF for Legs and Chest

Q: I got the e-book The 4X Mass Workout, and it’s fantastic. I tried it on arms for a few … continue reading


How to Fix Movement Stalls during Deadlift

/ Posted 12.23.2011

Q: I’m having problems deadlifting. I start the lift okay, but the movement stalls right above the knee. Are partial-range … continue reading


Best Big-Shoulder Molder

/ Posted 12.20.2011

Q: What is the best, as you like to say, “bang for the buck” exercise for the shoulders? What do … continue reading


Kettlebells for Workouts

/ Posted 12.17.2011

Q: Why don’t you use kettlebells in your workouts? A: Most exercises that are used for kettlebells can also be … continue reading


Flexing and Stretching Between Sets

/ Posted 12.16.2011

Q: What’s your take on flexing, posing and stretching between sets? When I’m totally alone in the gym, I flex … continue reading

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