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Steroids: Not Really All That Bad

/ Posted 02.04.2012

Whenever you hear or read anything about anabolic steroids, it’s almost always bad news. The media have demonized them, leading … continue reading


Energy Drinks and Ankle Injuries

/ Posted 01.31.2012

Q: What’s this I hear about you saying that energy drinks can make law enforcement officers more susceptible to ankle … continue reading


More D-fense

/ Posted 01.25.2012

Vitamin D seems to be the shining star of the nutrient world lately, and for good reason. It’s been shown … continue reading


Broccoli Compound Selectively Targets Cancer Cells

/ Posted 01.24.2012

Sulforaphane, a primary phytochemical found in broccoli, cauliflower and other cruciferous vegetables, is an inhibitor of histone deacetylase enzymes. HDAC … continue reading


Deficient-C and Plaque

/ Posted 01.22.2012

Most of us have heard of Linus Pauling. He received two Nobel Prizes—one for chemistry in 1954 and the Peace … continue reading


Fiber Fights Fat

/ Posted 01.21.2012

Visceral fat, the fat deep in the belly surrounding vital organs, can be dangerous to overall health. Kristen Hairston, from … continue reading


Low-Carb Weight Loss vs. Heart Health

/ Posted 01.20.2012

Most diets these days, especially those of bodybuilders, tend to favor low carbs over lowfat plans, the previous trend. According … continue reading


Oats Notes

/ Posted 01.19.2012

Many bodybuilders eat oatmeal for breakfast because of its fiber content and slow carb release. According to the June ’11 … continue reading


The Truth: You Need Those Supplements

/ Posted 01.18.2012

In a recent commentary appearing in Sports Nutrition Insider, Jose Antonio, Ph.D., president of the International Society of Sports Nutrition, … continue reading


Food Facts

/ Posted 01.16.2012

Pistachios may help your leanness. A recent University of California, Los Angeles, study found that subjects who ate the nuts … continue reading


Love That Leucine

/ Posted 01.14.2012

Of the essential amino acids leucine is perhaps the single most important for us exercising folk. Why? Well, as they … continue reading


Cauliflower Mashed Faux-tatoes

/ Posted 01.13.2012

South Beach, Atkins and the Zone are all diets that call for low to no carbs, which can leave you … continue reading


New Citrus Blast

/ Posted 01.11.2012

MetraGeniX, maker of the award-winning 2:1 protein bars, has added energy to protein with the introduction of its first 2:1 … continue reading

Calcium for Fat Loss

/ Posted 01.07.2012

A meta-analysis of seven clinical trials reveals that taking calcium may yield a weight loss of around 1.5 kilograms per year, … continue reading


Elevated Cortisol Where You Least Expect It

/ Posted 01.06.2012

Bodybuilders seem obsessed with cortisol, which is an adrenal steroid hormone. That means that like testosterone and estrogen, as well … continue reading


Carbs, Exercise and the Fountain of Youth

/ Posted 01.04.2012

Cynthia Kenyon, Ph.D., of the University of California at San Francisco, recently conducted a study on genetic triggers of -lifespan. … continue reading


Getting Back Into Bodybuilding, Part 2

/ Posted 01.02.2012

Part 1 of my answer to the following question appeared in last month’s column. Here is the question again and … continue reading


Internet Drug Dealers

/ Posted 01.01.2012

It’s never been easy to get anabolic steroids legally. Soon after juicing became routine for athletes in the mid-1960s, steroid … continue reading


Shake the Salt?

/ Posted 12.30.2011

According to Dian Griesel, Ph.D., and Tom Griesel in their new book, TurboCharged: Accelerate Your Fat Burning Metabolism, Get Lean … continue reading


Milk: Fitness Food or Health Scourge?

/ Posted 12.27.2011

The Internet is the best and worst thing ever to happen to the fitness industry. You can find some very … continue reading


Drink Organic

/ Posted 12.26.2011

You’ve probably seen organic milk in the grocery store, but is it really better than nonorganic products? According to the … continue reading


D-stroy Diabetes

/ Posted 12.24.2011

Vitamin D has been in the news lately, as most people are deficient. If you don’t get out in the … continue reading


Damage Control

/ Posted 12.23.2011

Glutathione is often called the master antioxidant. In fact, according to the June ’11 Better Nutrition, it’s the most powerful … continue reading


Carnitine, Heat Shock Proteins and Muscle Mass

/ Posted 12.22.2011

Heat shock proteins, also referred to as stress proteins, are found in all cells. Under normal conditions HSPs patrol the … continue reading


Food Facts

/ Posted 12.20.2011

Peppermint tea can help treat irritable bowel syndrome. If you have an upset stomach, try a few cups to ease … continue reading

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