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Phase8: Tastes Great and Feeds Your Muscles for Hours

7207-phase8The best-tasting protein you’ll ever try has arrived—and it’s already selling like hotcakes! Introducing all new PHASE8—a powerful multiphase eight-hour protein with incredible flavor.

This delicious protein complex feeds your muscles premium, high-biological-value proteins with variable digestion rates ranging from superfast to superslow. That means you get eight hours of continuous amino acid delivery to help create a muscle-building environment for longer periods of time. Other blended protein formulas use cheap, inferior protein from plant sources, like brown rice. PHASE8, however, delivers 26 grams of only the finest quality blend of six milk-derived, highly anabolic and anticatabolic proteins for improved recovery and serious muscle growth, with fewer carbs and less fat than other multiphase proteins.

The perfect protein for any time of day, PHASE8’s main component is backed by clinical research, so you can trust it to work the way it was designed to. It also contains no proprietary blends, unlike other protein formulas that may mislead you with hidden, miniscule doses of ingredients with fancy names. PHASE8 just gives you the straight goods.

Best of all, however, PHASE8 was flavored by experts at one of the world’s top flavoring houses to taste better than any other protein on the market. In fact, it was awarded the Gold Medal for Superior Taste from the American Masters of Taste. It’s no wonder that this protein is flying off the shelves. Visit for more info and to see how you can qualify for a free sample—or just grab some of your own now before it’s all sold out!

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