Re-Feed: Becoming a Beast Does Happen Overnight!

/ Posted 06.14.2014

Beyond Raw® Re-Feed is a revolutionary product designed for hardcore athletes looking for maximum recovery. This one-of-a-kind, multi-functional supplement is … continue reading

Best Time to Return to German Volume Training

/ Posted 06.13.2014

Q: I’ve heard and read tons about how I need to change my routine frequently in order to obtain maximal … continue reading

Broiled Cheddar Tuna Melt Snack

/ Posted 06.13.2014

As a kid I was very fond of tuna sandwiches. I think we all had cold tuna sandwiches as a … continue reading

Two New Ways to Grow

Q: I’m reading your new e-book, Super-Size Crash Course. Your guinea pig Jordon Williamson’s 18-pound muscle gain is inspiring and … continue reading

Artificially Speaking, How Sweet It Isn’t

/ Posted 06.11.2014

Many people are concerned about the widespread use of artificial sweeteners, including aspartame and sucralose, and the possibility that they … continue reading

July 2014 Table of Contents

/ Posted 06.10.2014

This month you get the 411 on building muscle from a guy who’s been in the body biz for more than 30 years, Clark Bartram. Based on his lifetime of experience, he lays out lessons to help you grow and get ripped to the bone.

Resistance Training Protects Against Heart Disease

/ Posted 06.10.2014

Exercise has the potential to protect against heart disease in a variety of ways. Christian K. Roberts, from the University … continue reading

The Finishing Exercise Myth

/ Posted 06.10.2014

Q: During the last four weeks before my last bodybuilding show, my trainer had me lift lighter weights for higher … continue reading

The Evolution of Sports Nutrition

/ Posted 06.09.2014

First, let me say what an honor and thrill it is for me to be writing for IRON MAN. I … continue reading

Berry Compound Linked to Longevity

/ Posted 06.08.2014

Polyphenols are a type of antioxidant that is found abundantly in blueberries, raspberries and strawberries. Cristina Andres-Lacueva, from the University … continue reading

Diet: Young vs. Older

/ Posted 06.07.2014

Things obviously change as we get older because our bodies change. Specifically, our hormone levels naturally decline. One very important … continue reading

Keeping Muscles Full While Leaning Out

/ Posted 06.06.2014

Q: I’m looking at your photos from the IFBB Titans Grand Prix and Kentucky Muscle pro men’s physique competitions. How … continue reading

What is the best food or supplement to have postworkout?

/ Posted 06.06.2014

Q: What is the best food or supplement to have postworkout? I always drink a protein shake after training, but … continue reading

Breakthrough Skin Tightening Cream

/ Posted 06.05.2014

Summer is here – get fit and firm with NeriumFirm! Say good bye to stubborn flab, dimpling and stretch marks!

Narcissism 101

/ Posted 06.05.2014

Heaven knows we have all seen them—the ones who simply cannot pass a mirror—or, for that matter, a storefront plate-glass … continue reading

The No-Calorie Lie

Lots of people do it—and believe it. They suck down multiple diet sodas every day, thinking they are not getting … continue reading

What is the correct form for lateral raises?

/ Posted 06.04.2014

Q: I see people in the gym using different techniques on lateral raises. Some keep their arms straight and lower … continue reading

Ben White: Are you done with powerlifting?

/ Posted 06.04.2014

Q: I recently saw an episode of the Web series “NYBB Blue.” It’s a great series, but the whole episode … continue reading

Eye-Popping Biceps Peak–and More Muscle On Your Physique

For the uninitiated, the “in-for-out, out-for-in” rule for biceps is that an inward grip for biceps exercises, like close-grip curls or concentration curls, emphasizes the outer head–which is the “peak” head…

What Is the Best Number of Sets?

/ Posted 06.02.2014

Q: What is the optimum number of sets for each bodypart? I’ve been doing 16 sets for chest and back … continue reading

Fastest Way to Build Muscle Without Gaining Excess Fat

/ Posted 06.02.2014

Q: What do you think is the fastest way to build muscle without gaining excess fat?  A: Two words: cyclical … continue reading

The Ultimate Incline Curls

/ Posted 06.01.2014

As regular IRON MAN readers know, the so-called stretch position is one of the most critically important in any muscle’s … continue reading

How to Grow Like a Pro

Q: I really enjoyed the chapter on [Mr. Olympia] Ronnie Coleman’s training in your e-book Beyond X-rep Muscle Building. From … continue reading

Q&A: Dips, Grips and Rep-Speed Tips

/ Posted 05.30.2014

Q: My training partner says that the parallel-bar dip has done far more for building his terrific pecs than the … continue reading

Loretta Heystak

/ Posted 05.29.2014

Photographed at Gold’s Gym, Venice, California by Jerry Fredrick Age: 37  Weight: 135 Height: 5’4” Sample workout: I’m a fan of … continue reading

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