Clogging Carbs

According to the November/December ’12 Well Being Journal, “Not all LDL cholesterol is bad. Good or bad depends on particle … continue reading

Actions, Routines and Habits

/ Posted 11.15.2013

[IM Insiders can download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More] We are creatures of habit. We have all … continue reading

Get More Protein as You Age

/ Posted 11.15.2013

A recent study compared protein intake after a workout in young and over-40 subjects. The young men showed elevated muscle … continue reading

Fast or Slow to Grow?

Q: Thanks for revising Size Surge to include 4X training. I’m 45 with a lot of joint damage from heavy … continue reading

Jeremy Jackson’s Jagged Journey

/ Posted 11.13.2013

Jeremy Jackson—J.J. to his friends—has lived a life most people can only dream of. I mean, come on. He grew … continue reading

Sleep It Off

/ Posted 11.12.2013

According to the April ’13 Prevention, a study at the New York Obesity Research Center found that sleep-restricted people may … continue reading

Isolation and Loneliness Raise Death Risk

/ Posted 11.11.2013

While a number of studies have suggested that both social isolation and loneliness are associated with increased risk of death, … continue reading

Look Away

/ Posted 11.10.2013

When the pain is too much, divert your eyes or even close them. So says a report in the September … continue reading

Dan Lurie, 90, Star and Promoter of Bodybuilding, Dies

/ Posted 11.10.2013

By BRUCE WEBER, NYTimes.com Dan Lurie, whose chiseled physique and feats of strength earned him the title of America’s most … continue reading

Lowfat Diets Are So Passé

/ Posted 11.09.2013

Long before Atkins and others popularized the low-carb diet, bodybuilders were using the strategy. In fact, they were doing it … continue reading

Recovery From Shoulder Surgery

/ Posted 11.08.2013

Q: How is your recovery from your shoulder surgery going? Are you going to compete again? If so, what adjustments … continue reading

Building Middle-Aged Muscle With Beef

/ Posted 11.07.2013

Years ago, while attending the Mr. Olympia contest, I decided to survey a few of the contestants on the subject … continue reading

December 2013 Issue Preview

/ Posted 11.06.2013

Our December issue features someone you may recognize from a popular TV show of the past. Hint: “Baywatch.” No, not her. We’ve got Jeremy Jackson, a.k.a. Hobie, and he’s looking more buff than any lifeguard on that series ever did. Whoa.

Food Facts

/ Posted 11.06.2013

Raspberries can ramp up your fiber intake significantly. The January/February ’13 Nutrition Action Healthletter features a list of high-fiber foods, … continue reading

Memory, Coregasms and Happiness

• According to the September ’12 Health, walking outside can improve your memory and attention span by 20 percent. That’s … continue reading

A Unique Look at Building Calves

/ Posted 11.04.2013

Any athletes who are interested in getting stronger to become more proficient in their chosen sport or sports understand the … continue reading

The Lean Body Promise, 2nd Edition

/ Posted 11.03.2013

A well-known problem with most diets is that they fail. It happens because they don’t focus enough—or sometimes at all—on … continue reading

Robby Robinson

/ Posted 11.03.2013

Age: 66 How many days a week do you train? Three days on/one off or sometimes four on/two off. My … continue reading

Anabolic Halo: New and Improved 7-in-1 Lean-Muscle Shake

/ Posted 11.02.2013

Taking multiple products daily and remembering to take them several times a day to get the performance, strength, recovery and … continue reading

Stronger + One Last Rep

/ Posted 11.01.2013

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE This is a brief update for the screening of Stuart Allman’s film “Stronger + One Last Rep” … continue reading

Cheesy Tuna Patties

/ Posted 11.01.2013

Bodybuilders know that tuna is high in protein and low in calories. While cheese also provides protein, it’s a bit … continue reading

Meat, Carnitine and Heart Disease

/ Posted 10.31.2013

A study released in April 2013 implicated beef as a primary cause of cardiovascular disease.1 What was surprising about the … continue reading

Complete Hamstring Development

/ Posted 10.28.2013

Q: Rather than doing full squats, couldn’t I just add a few sets of leg curls to ensure complete hamstring … continue reading

Q: Is it essential to stretch?

/ Posted 10.25.2013

Q: Is it essential to stretch? I’ve never read of Arnold and the bodybuilders of his era stretching. A: Essential? … continue reading

Q: What are your thoughts on the 10-8-6 method?

/ Posted 10.23.2013

Q: What are your thoughts on the 10-8-6 method? A: It’s a fine system for a beginner, and I could … continue reading

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