How to Perfect Your Bench Press

/ Posted 04.17.2014

More athletes get injured while doing the bench press than any other exercise. The two most popular exercises in weight … continue reading

Vince Del Monte: Easy Recipes for Mass

/ Posted 04.16.2014

When it’s time for dinner, you don’t have to rely on your college dining hall or the fast-food and pizza … continue reading

It’s Not Just About Muscle

/ Posted 04.15.2014

[IM Insiders can download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More] Most nonbodybuilders think of bodybuilding—the use of progressive-resistance … continue reading

Abbie Burrows: IM 2014 Swimsuit Spectactular Insider Preview

/ Posted 04.15.2014

Here is a preview of Abbie Burrow’s photoshoot for IRON MAN’s 2014 Swimsuit Spectacular. IM Insiders have full access to … continue reading

What is the best training frequency for individual bodyparts?

/ Posted 04.15.2014

Q: I’ve been training for two years and have made good progress. What is the best training frequency for individual … continue reading

When performing 1 1/4 squats, why do you recommend a quarter movement at the bottom of the squat?

/ Posted 04.13.2014

Q: I’ve heard that you recommend performing 1 1/4 squats, in which you do a quarter movement at the bottom … continue reading

How realistic are the weight losses we see on weight-loss TV shows?

/ Posted 04.09.2014

Q: How realistic are the weight losses we see on weight-loss TV shows? Also, do you think these shows inspire … continue reading

May 2014 Table of Contents

/ Posted 04.08.2014

This month we feature the winners of the 2014 BodySpace Spokesmodel Search, Chassidy Smothers and Rodney Razor. We’ll have their back stories, complete workouts and diets plus a look at their winning motivational tactics.

Do you need to lift heavy weights to get big?

/ Posted 04.08.2014

Q: One of the top bodybuilders from my gym told me you don’t need to lift heavy weights to get … continue reading

Modified Preexhaustion With a TORQ Edge

Q: I do four-week phases of different workouts from your various e-books. That strategy works great. I’ve gained 10 pounds … continue reading

Do you still use the same training methods you used with elite athletes from the 80s and 90s?

/ Posted 04.04.2014

Q: You trained many elite athletes in the ’80s and ’90s. Do you still use the same training methods you … continue reading

Did You Know That Sugar May Shorten Your Lifespan?

/ Posted 04.04.2014

Previously, a number of studies suggested that the consumption of added sugar may correlate with a number of diseases. Wayne … continue reading

Training Change, New Gains

/ Posted 04.03.2014

Q: I read that you used some different training styles as you prepared for your IFBB pro physique debut. Your … continue reading

Q: When is the best time to weight train?

/ Posted 04.02.2014

Q: When is the best time to weight train, and when is the best time to do energy-system training such … continue reading

Aging With Muscle: Priorities and Methods

I once read a story that had a bodybuilding subplot. The main character was just getting started in a gym, … continue reading

G-Loves: Hand Protectors

/ Posted 03.30.2014

G-Loves is a new activewear company that focuses on developing functional and fashionable gloves for women who participate in weightlifting … continue reading

Q&A: Quads vs. Thighs and Full vs. Partial Deadlifts

/ Posted 03.30.2014

Q: Is there a difference between the “thighs” and the “quads”? A: Yes. The thigh includes the quadriceps femoris, or quads, but … continue reading

Let’s Not Train and Say We Did

/ Posted 03.29.2014

Since our last conversation life has happened with regularity and normalcy. Shadows lengthened over familiar landscapes, fragrant flora awash in … continue reading

Cross-Band Pullups

/ Posted 03.28.2014

The wide-grip pullup is a classic back exercise—it’s one of the key moves for increasing back width. This variation, done … continue reading

Re-Built Mass: Superanabolic Mass Gainer

/ Posted 03.27.2014

Looking for something to boost your muscle gains this winter? Look no farther than GNC’s Re-Built Mass. It contains: • … continue reading

Behind-the-Neck No-No?

Let’s be honest. Behind-the-neck pulldowns hit your teres major and midback with a unique angled attack. You pull from overhead … continue reading

Unbreakable Dave Goodin

/ Posted 03.26.2014

54-Year-Old Pro Bodybuilder Dave Goodin Doesn’t Let Setbacks Set Him Back‌ Dave Goodin is a freak—and I say that as … continue reading

Developing Speed

/ Posted 03.25.2014

In 1996 Jon-Jon Park, the son of the great bodybuilding champion Reg Park, and I set off on a trip … continue reading

Muscle-Building Myths

/ Posted 03.24.2014

In my next few columns I’m going to dispel some of the myths I read about in magazines and online … continue reading

What’s A Great Preworkout Caffeine Kick?

/ Posted 03.24.2014

Q: I know you’re big on caffeine, but what about drinking coffee instead of taking caffeine pills? A: Coffee is … continue reading

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