One-Arm Chin-Dips

/ Posted 12.09.2013

Ever thought you could work your back, chest, biceps, triceps, shoulders and core—pretty much everything in your entire upper body—all … continue reading

Testosterone Raises Insulin Sensitivity

/ Posted 12.08.2013

Giving testosterone to men with type 2 diabetes who are deficient in the hormone improved their insulin sensitivity, report researchers … continue reading

G FUEL: No Bull—Just Energy

/ Posted 12.07.2013

G FUEL is an all-natural energy drink that’s sugar free, packed with vitamins and backed by research. Its blend of … continue reading

“Radical” New Diet for Mass and Cuts

/ Posted 12.06.2013

IRON MAN E-Zine Issue #814: “Radical” New Diet for Mass and Cuts www.ironmanmagazine.com ========================================== TRY THIS AT YOUR NEXT WORKOUT … continue reading

Boosting Muscle Recovery With Nutrition

/ Posted 12.06.2013

When you train intensely with weights, you’re incurring injury to your muscles. It sounds bad, but the body compensates by … continue reading

30 Pounds of Muscle Workout

/ Posted 12.05.2013

Q: I’ve been using the program from your book and am at 220 pounds [fairly] lean. I want to change … continue reading

Moderate-Weight Forced Negatives

/ Posted 12.04.2013

I’m often asked about HRT—no, not hormone-replacement therapy; I’m talking about Hell Raiser Training. I attended a seminar in 2010 … continue reading

Muscle Shaping: Is It Possible?

/ Posted 12.03.2013

Q: What’s your take on “muscle shaping”? Can a person alter the shape of a muscle at all, or are … continue reading

Dieting to Get Ripped?

/ Posted 12.02.2013

All bodybuilders get a lot of the same questions often, even from other bodybuilders. “Normal” people will ask each other … continue reading

How to bench press without shoulder pain

/ Posted 12.02.2013

Q: I find I can bench press twice a week without any shoulder pain, but if I do it three … continue reading

Cardio for Contest-Condition Cuts Simplified

/ Posted 12.01.2013

Can I get ripped without doing cardio? How much cardio should I do? How intense should it be? Which machine … continue reading

Russian Secrets for Power

/ Posted 11.30.2013

Q: I’d like to get my bench press, squat and deadlift poundages up. I understand that the Russians have produced … continue reading

Casey Bunce: One Determined Dude

/ Posted 11.29.2013

From the first it was clear that Casey Bunce had a story to tell. The question: “What do I need … continue reading

More Frequent Muscle Hits

Q: I’m using 4X, TORQ and Super TORQ exclusively—no heavy training. I’ve already added about six pounds of new muscle … continue reading

Muscle Growth and Estrogen

/ Posted 11.27.2013

Estrogen is often called a “female hormone,” which is a misnomer, as this steroid hormone is also produced in the … continue reading

Order in the Workout

/ Posted 11.26.2013

Q: Does exercise sequence matter, or can I approach my training session in any order? A: Exercise order is of … continue reading

Inject to Grow?

/ Posted 11.25.2013

The primary purpose of using anabolic drugs, such as testosterone, steroids and growth hormone, is to trigger added muscle beyond … continue reading

First-Time Competitor at 50

/ Posted 11.24.2013

Q: I’m 50 years old, and I’m finally going to make the leap and compete this fall. I’m not sure … continue reading

White Flood Reborn for Energy, Pump and Endurance

/ Posted 11.23.2013

White Flood has been reborn with a completely new formula (and upgraded flavoring) that adds a new degree of energy, … continue reading

From Twig to Big: Interview with Vince Del Monte

/ Posted 11.22.2013

Have you ever wanted to be like “that guy”? You know, that guy the girls talk about––poke each other and point to in the gym, in class or in the club because he’s swole? That guy the other guys walk past the trainers to approach and ask, “What can I do to look like you?”

Fat Loss and Coconut Oil Drinks

/ Posted 11.21.2013

Q: I’ve heard that food allergies can affect fat loss—is that true? Also, is there a way to determine food … continue reading

The Myth of Overtraining

/ Posted 11.20.2013

Q: I’ve heard you say that “overtraining” is nonsense and virtually impossible to achieve. Should I be worried about overtraining? … continue reading

Beginner-to-Intermediate Mass Workout

/ Posted 11.19.2013

Q: I’m 35 years old and started training a little less than a year ago. Before that I never really … continue reading

Snooze Supplements

/ Posted 11.18.2013

Getting enough sound sleep is important to your muscle gains and fat loss. If you have trouble sleeping, one supplement … continue reading

Airborne: Lift Now, Lift Hard, Lift Good

/ Posted 11.18.2013

I’ve never been a student—that is, one who studies. School from grade one was a ladder I had to climb … continue reading

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