Balsamic-Peach Baked Chicken

/ Posted 05.08.2014

Bodybuilders know the muscle-building value of chicken—loads of lean protein—but plain chicken can get bland. Let’s spice it up—and make … continue reading

New Arm Mass With the 100-Reps Tactic

/ Posted 05.07.2014

Q: I heard that you are a proponent of the 100-reps method. Is that the same as 10×10? A: They … continue reading

June 2014 Table of Contents

/ Posted 05.06.2014

This month L.T. does the Q&A thing with fitness model and TV star T.J. Hoban. Though he’s best known as “Rex” on “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,” the man has a jacked physique that’s getting notice as well.

Happy 75th Birthday, Bill Seno

/ Posted 05.06.2014

Bill Seno defeated the legendary Sergio Oliva not once, but twice, including beating out Sergio for the Most Muscular title … continue reading

How to prevent injuries before workouts

/ Posted 05.06.2014

Q: As a natural bodybuilder you are such an inspiration to me. I was wondering what you do to prevent … continue reading

Food Intolerance and Fat Loss

/ Posted 05.05.2014

Q: What’s the best way to test for food intolerance, and do food intolerances affect fat loss? A: You can … continue reading

Martae Ruelas

/ Posted 05.05.2014

Age: 31 Weight: 145 (contest); 190 (off-season) Height: 5’3” Hometown: Phoenix Current residence: Phoenix Occupation: Personal trainer Contest highlights: ’13 … continue reading

Cables vs. Dumbbells

Lateral raises remain one of the best exercises for capping off the shoulders. They target the medial head directly to … continue reading

How to Get Your Shoulders to Progress

/ Posted 05.03.2014

Q: I’ve been using the workout you suggested, and it’s working really well. I’m doing chest and arms on Monday, … continue reading

SMART Gluten-Free Oatmeal Bars

/ Posted 05.02.2014

Forward Foods, LLC, the maker of the award-winning Detour bar, has released a new line of natural, gluten-free, whole-grain oatmeal … continue reading

Can You Get Brain Disease from Steroid Use?

/ Posted 05.01.2014

One of the primary questions often asked about anabolic steroids is how they will affect future health. As with any … continue reading

Eggs-ceptional Protein

/ Posted 04.30.2014

The egg is considered a perfect protein source because of its complete makeup of essential amino acids, branched-chain amino acids … continue reading

Susie Lin

/ Posted 04.30.2014

Photographed at Gold’s Gym, Venice, California by Jerry Fredrick   Age: 42  Weight: 118 Height: 5’4” Sample workout (legs): Circuit 1—leg … continue reading

Beat Joint Pain with Broccoli

/ Posted 04.29.2014

Cruciferous vegetables—such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage—are a rich source of sulforaphane, a compound that previous studies suggest has … continue reading

Green Spaces Help Fight Aging

/ Posted 04.28.2014

A number of previous studies have reported that neighborhood parks and gardens encourage good mental health. Thomas Astell-Burt, from the … continue reading

Sex With Your Workouts?

/ Posted 04.27.2014

• Working out is sexy—well, maybe not while you’re doing it, at least most exercises, but the results you get … continue reading

What is the most anabolic nutrient?

/ Posted 04.27.2014

The expression “anabolic nutrient” is much bandied about these days in articles and ads. It suggests that a particular nutrient … continue reading

X-centric Sets Will Get You Bigger and Leaner

Q: I’ve seen you mention X-centric training and how it can help build muscle and burn fat. How is it … continue reading

Re-Feed: Becoming a Beast Does Happen Overnight!

/ Posted 04.25.2014

Beyond Raw® Re-Feed is a revolutionary product designed for hardcore athletes looking for maximum recovery. This one-of-a-kind, multi-functional supplement is … continue reading

Jessica James: IM 2014 Swimsuit Spectactular Insider Preview

/ Posted 04.24.2014

Here is a preview of Jessica James’s photoshoot for IRON MAN’s 2014 Swimsuit Spectacular. IM Insiders have full access to … continue reading

Latest Research on Creatine and When to Take It

/ Posted 04.24.2014

Despite what a few contrarians have claimed, it does matter when you take certain nutrients and supplements. Specifically, it does … continue reading

HIIT Cardio vs. Steady State

/ Posted 04.23.2014

Q: I’m in a quandary! I’m 50, preparing for a show. I’ve done cardio both ways, high intensity and low … continue reading

How to Detox Your Liver for Faster Fat Loss

Most bodybuilders know that one reason oral anabolic steroids are dangerous is that they must pass through the liver. Can … continue reading

Which Nuts Are Good for Me?

/ Posted 04.21.2014

Some of the best fats come from nuts. They are a convenient source of protein, fiber and positive fat—and they stick … continue reading

From Stressed to Depressed

Each year about four times as many men as women commit suicide, which experts believe is related to undiagnosed depression. … continue reading

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