The Workout and Happiness


Happy New Year—a perennial cliché!  Can anything or anybody make you happy? To paraphrase a well-known line from Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar, “Happiness is not in our stars but in ourselves.” Happiness is like getting stronger—you can only earn it by ...

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Can You Keep Up?


For Immediate Release (Oakville, ON) – What do the world’s #1-ranked MMA fighter and his pro football player brothers have in common? Elite-level physical conditioning and MuscleTech® supplements to fuel their best performance. On the eve of Sunday’s championship football ...

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Peaking Axis Pt 4


Years ago I first wrote that contest peaking is about management, not magic. I’d like to wrap up this series with a discussion of strategy. Professional team coaches, entrepreneurs and even military leaders understand that success is more likely if ...

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New Year Resolutions

January first, the birth of a new year.  Time to reflect on the old and plan for the new! Historically, January is the beginning of the frenzy to undo all of what we did to ourselves, especially during that six-week ...

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