Exercise Reorganizes the Brain

/ Posted 01.23.2014

There has been a discrepancy in research related to the effect of exercise on the brain—namely, that exercise reduces anxiety … continue reading

The Full-Body Mass Blast

/ Posted 01.21.2014

Q: I’ve read some of the advice you give people, and you seem like a good guy with very respectable … continue reading

Is Anti-Aging Research One Big Lie?

The latest research on eggs—the whole egg, not just the white—shows that they do not raise cholesterol levels and can … continue reading

Too Distracted to Have a Purpose

/ Posted 01.18.2014

Going through life without a particular purpose is okay. You get by. You don’t go anywhere, but the days pass. … continue reading

Q: I’m dropping bodyweight, but my skin doesn’t seem to be tightening up.

/ Posted 01.17.2014

Q: I’m overweight, and I’ve been jogging on the treadmill, but I’m not lifting weights. I’m dropping bodyweight, but my … continue reading

The Foundation of Physical Culture

/ Posted 01.16.2014

The passing of Dan Lurie, bodybuilding pioneer and publisher of Muscle Training Illustrated, at the age of 90

Jessica James [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 01.16.2014

Compiled by Savannah Neveux • Photography by Michael Neveux Jessica James grew up in cheerleading. Her mom operated a cheer … continue reading

Are Good Mornings Bad for the Back?

/ Posted 01.15.2014

Q: What is your opinion of good mornings? I understand they’re bad for the back. A: What I find interesting … continue reading

Bishoy Hanna

/ Posted 01.14.2014

Photographed at Gold’s Gym, Venice, CA   Age: 26  Weight: 148 Height: 5’7” Sample workout: Decline presses, 4 x 8-10; … continue reading

Q. What are the best attributes of CrossFit?

/ Posted 01.14.2014

Q. What are the best attributes of CrossFit? A: CrossFit, as many are wont to point out, is not a … continue reading

Favorite Supplements for Muscle Building

/ Posted 01.13.2014

Q: What are your favorite supplements for muscle building? I’m new to bodybuilding and want to get a head start. … continue reading

Crappy Tummy Tamer

• According to the September ’13 Reader’s Digest, sewage may soothe. Say what? “With a procedure informally known as a … continue reading

Grip, Mass and Overload

/ Posted 01.11.2014

Q: I can’t use heavy weights on my back exercises compared to what I use for pressing movements, and it … continue reading

Pros, Drugs and Juicing Your Growth Threshold

Q: You say a lot of pro bodybuilders have used versions of your 4X mass method and made great gains. … continue reading

A Brew or Two Postworkout?

/ Posted 01.08.2014

Q: Is it okay to have a beer or two after training to relax? A: Drinking alcohol after training is … continue reading

February 2014 Table of Contents

/ Posted 01.07.2014

It’s that time of year again—time for biting cold, snow and swimsuits. Say, what? The February issue is our annual swimsuit spectacular, with page after page of gorgeous babes in tiny swimwear.

Switching From Bodybuilding to Physique

/ Posted 01.07.2014

Q: How was your first physique contest? Did you do anything different to prepare compared to bodybuilding? What will you … continue reading

Q: What is the value of time under tension and tempo training?

/ Posted 01.06.2014

Q: What is the value of time under tension and tempo training? A: Time under tension refers to the amount … continue reading

Derailing Migraines

/ Posted 01.05.2014

A killer headache can ruin a good workout. If you get them frequently and if they are intense enough to be … continue reading

Meat to Beat the Blues

If you’re feeling down, you may want to consider eating some beef. According to the September ’13 Reader’s Digest, a … continue reading

Singles for New Strength Increases

/ Posted 01.03.2014

There are a great many strength coaches, personal trainers and fitness instructors in this country who do not include singles … continue reading

Tropical Superfood and Fat Blaster?

/ Posted 01.02.2014

Q: Is coconut oil really a “superfood” that will help reduce belly fat and improve quality of life, or is … continue reading

The Ultimate Pullup

/ Posted 01.01.2014

If you want a wider back, this pullup variation will blow up your lats as no other exercise I’ve found. … continue reading

The Correct Way to Stretch

/ Posted 12.31.2013

Q: A few issues ago you urged readers to stretch, “but only if it’s done safely.” How do you recommend that … continue reading

How much rest for chest-and-arm workouts?

/ Posted 12.30.2013

Q: For a chest-and-arm workout, how much rest time should I take between exercises? Also, would you give me an … continue reading

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