Q&A: Big-Arms Workouts and Exercises

/ Posted 03.19.2013

Q: What were the most effective arm programs you ever followed? A: They were usually programs that didn’t specialize on … continue reading

Potassium: Not Too Much, Not Too Little

/ Posted 03.18.2013

While all minerals are important to health, potassium has special significance for those who exercise. Consider its primary functions in … continue reading

Do you pause between reps to rest or get stronger for the set?

/ Posted 03.17.2013

Q: I have been reading your articles for years and recently saw you training at Gold’s Gym in Venice, which … continue reading

Pain Free With SAMe

While glucosamine and chondroitin have been touted as a great combo for relieving joint pain and strengthening soft tissue, SAMe … continue reading

Do I have to bench-press to get a good chest? Do I have to squat to build good legs?

/ Posted 03.15.2013

These are probably the two most common training questions asked around the world: Do I have to bench-press to get … continue reading

High-Rep Hyper-Growth: Only Once a Week for a More Massive Physique

Q: Doug Brignole’s high-rep method [explained in his interview in The Ultimate Power-Density Mass Workout 2.0] sounds interesting. I’d like to try it once a week for upper body. Do you think it would be okay to do an entire workout with his "Super TORQ" for chest, back and arms, and at the other workouts that week do standard training?

Eat Right for Your Body Type – Part 1 [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.14.2013

Part 1 Genetics, Genotyping and Gene Simmons By some estimates almost 75 percent of adults in the United States begin … continue reading

Loni Willison

/ Posted 03.14.2013

Age: 29 Weight: 135 Height: 5’8” Hometown: Hemet, California Current residence: Los Angeles Occupation: Nurse’s assistant at the Biomed Spa … continue reading

Is there a way to increase tendon strength to help avoid injury?

/ Posted 03.14.2013

Q: Is there a way to increase tendon strength to help avoid injury? A: Extensive research shows that eccentric, or … continue reading

7 Forgotten Mass Moves [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.13.2013

Overlooked Exercises, Tips and Tactics You Can Use to Get Huge Most bodybuilders get stuck in a rut, even if … continue reading

Jen Aragon – Asian Sensation [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.12.2013

Optimum Nutrition Athlete Jen Aragon Went From 200 Pounds of Blubber to Bikini Stunner Seven years ago Jen Aragon became … continue reading

Ben Booker: Razor Sharp [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 03.11.2013

Ben Booker Etches His Physique With Motivation and Determination Several years ago I was watching a compilation of failed attempts … continue reading

Is Your Water Bottle Killing You?

/ Posted 03.11.2013

If you’re serious about building muscles and staying healthy, you need to be aware of bisphenol A. BPA is a … continue reading

Barbell Press vs Dumbbell Press

/ Posted 03.11.2013

Q: Which do you like better: barbell or dumbbell presses? A: Both are excellent, although dumbbells provide a more natural … continue reading

Pilates for Weight Loss

/ Posted 03.09.2013

Q: What is your opinion about using Pilates for weight loss? I’ve read that ballet dancers have a lot of … continue reading

April 2013 Issue Preview

/ Posted 03.08.2013

Our April issue starts with an interview with Ben Booker. The man has a physique that rivets your attention, and … continue reading

TORQ Up Power-Density: A New Twist for Muscle Immensity

/ Posted 03.08.2013

Q: I’m torn between heavy training and higher reps [TORQ]. I like ending bodyparts with lighter-weight, high-rep sets for longer tension times and more pump, and now I’m hearing that ALL-high-rep workouts are best. I’m almost 30, but I want to grow as fast as possible. Should I try all-high-rep training for a while, or is that more for when I’m older and can’t train heavy anymore?

Mr. Universe Training

/ Posted 03.08.2013

It’s hard to believe that I won my first Natural Mr. Universe title 20 years ago. I still vividly remember … continue reading

Joint Pain and 4X

Q: I’m in my late 40s and having trouble letting go of training heavy. I’ve tried the 4X mass method … continue reading

QA: What type of pullover should I perform?

/ Posted 03.05.2013

Q: What type of pullover should I perform? A: A popular form of the pullover is done with a single … continue reading

Sugar Shocker

You know that processed sugar is bad for your body—but did you also know that it’s bad for your brain. … continue reading

Size Up Now

/ Posted 03.03.2013

Q: I’m in my late 30s and don’t have any real joint problems—just slight shoulder pain from too much benching. … continue reading

Eve Dawes

/ Posted 03.02.2013

Height: 5’3” Weight: 100-104 Age: 32 Started training: To balance my musculature, to help with my scoliosis, to build strength … continue reading

Fenugreek: The Insulin-GH-Tesosterone Link

/ Posted 02.28.2013

It appears that fenugreek has the ability to increase the effectiveness of insulin, growth hormone and testosterone—three of your most … continue reading

QA: Should I do pulldowns to the front or rear, and which grip is best?

/ Posted 02.27.2013

Q: Should I do pulldowns to the front or rear, and which grip is best? A: To the front. Regardless … continue reading

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