Whey Protein vs. Lots of Calories

/ Posted 02.14.2013

If you go to Burger King and “have it your way” or leave KFC with that “finger-lickin’ good” taste in … continue reading

Estrogens in Food: Cause for Concern?

/ Posted 02.13.2013

For male bodybuilders, estrogen has acquired an unsavory reputation. Often referred to as a “female sex hormone,” estrogen is in … continue reading

Fat-Jacking, Muscle-Packing Workout Tips

Q: I’m ready to start the four-days-per-week Fat-to-Muscle Workout. I like training each muscle only once a week, and I think the heavy work combined with negative-accentuated (X-centric) sets is just what I need to rip up and build up at the same time. However, I’m interested in your new TORQ technique. High reps with short rests would give the workout an interesting new dimension. Should I use it, and, if so, where should I put it in the routine?

Mike Westerdal: CriticalBench.com

/ Posted 02.11.2013

CriticalBench.com is a popular Web site created by Mike Westerdal in 1999. Mike is an interesting guy who knows his … continue reading

Hellacious Hamstrings [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 02.11.2013

We all know how important leg training is to having a complete physique. How many times have you seen someone … continue reading

The Real “Field of Dreams”

/ Posted 02.09.2013

Hollywood knows exactly how to get in touch with our most deeply desired dreams. In the classic baseball movie “Field … continue reading

Green Tea Can Speed Fat Loss

/ Posted 02.09.2013

Brazilian scientists have found that drinking green tea may help elderly people lose weight and trim their waistline. Maria Gabriela … continue reading

How to Score Six-Pack Abs

/ Posted 02.07.2013

I’ll never forget the first time I saw NABBA Mr. Universe Serge Nubret “wiggle” his abdominal muscles. Yes, wiggle. While … continue reading

Abs for Life Part 3 [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 02.07.2013

Permanent. Is it possible? We started this series by discussing some of the challenges other people may pose to your … continue reading

The Ups and Downs of Contest Dieting [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 02.06.2013

Bitching about the weather is as popular in New England as being a Red Sox or Patriots fan, but this … continue reading

Guns, Girls and Lies

/ Posted 02.06.2013

I dunno about Facebook, good buddies. I’ve lived in a small cabin in the woods for so long, entering the … continue reading

Red Grapes Can Help Stop Fat Gain

/ Posted 02.06.2013

A compound called piceatannol  that’s found in red grape seeds and skin, blueberries and passion fruit is of a similar … continue reading

Q&A: Should I lean back at the top of a deadlift?

/ Posted 02.05.2013

Q: At the top of a deadlift, should I lean back, the way I see some guys do? A: No. … continue reading

Federica Bellli Hardbody [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 02.05.2013

Federica Bellli Lives the Fitness Lifestyle With Passion From the gym to television and cinema, from Paolo Bonolis to Pamela … continue reading

Greg Plitt – Keep the Drive Alive [Insider Preview]

/ Posted 02.04.2013

You’ve seen it on the Internet and in the gym, and maybe you’ve even tried some of the workouts—caveman training, … continue reading

Front-to-Back Quad Attack

If you’re older, you may have trouble doing free-bar squats. Many over-40 trainees get pain in the knees, hips and/or … continue reading

Kimberly Jones

/ Posted 02.03.2013

Age: 32 Weight: 118 Height: 5’3” Hometown: Inglewood, California Current residence: Los Angeles Occupation: Head strength and conditioning coach at … continue reading

A Revolutionary Study

/ Posted 02.03.2013

We would like to share a study that can only be described as “revolutionary” in its impact for senior citizens. … continue reading

Lolita and the Goldfish

/ Posted 02.02.2013

So, there I am, sitting on a bench before an Olympic bar, ready to knock out a few sets of … continue reading

Reigniting Fat Loss

/ Posted 02.02.2013

Q: I’ve been following you in IRON MAN, and I need someone at your level to help me get over … continue reading

Bodyfat Gone, Muscle Mass On: Best Gym Moves Now

/ Posted 02.01.2013

Q: I got your updated 4X Mass Workout 2.0. I love the [higher-rep] TORQ method and 4X combo workouts. I feel it working already–the burn is intense. Question: I’m now trying to drop fat and build muscle, so will those [higher reps] help or should I include negative-accentuated [X-centric] sets too?

Gregplitt.com – Iron Man Magazine Cover Shoot Preview

/ Posted 02.01.2013

For More: http://www.GregPlitt.com

Subscriptions Available for Instant Online Access to Ad-Free Iron Man Magazine Insider

/ Posted 02.01.2013

The new IRON MAN Insider is up and growing by leaps and bounds! What is the IRON MAN Insider? It’s … continue reading

March 2013 Issue Preview

/ Posted 01.31.2013

[IM Insiders can download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More] Our March issue is jam-packed with training excitement— … continue reading

Get-Ripped Tips, Tricks and Mistakes

/ Posted 01.31.2013

Q: I’ve been trying to get into some semblance of contest shape. My problem is that I will lose five … continue reading

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