New Muscle-Mass Tactic: TORQ Sandwich

Q: At the X-Rep Facebook page I saw a mention of TORQ sandwich for building more mass. What is that?

How to Banish Belly Fat

The eating basics for getting rid of a bulging belly are simple (unless you’re pregnant, in which case you’ll have … continue reading

Right Place Right Time

/ Posted 06.24.2013

[IM Insiders can download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More] I started working out in a friend’s basement … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 06.24.2013

Carrots are known to promote eye health because they contain a lot of vitamin A, but they may also help … continue reading

Danny Bozhilov

/ Posted 06.24.2013

Photographed at Gold’s Gym, Venice, CA   Height: 5’11”  Age: 29 Weight: 194 contest; 210 off-season Training: Monday: legs; Tuesday: … continue reading

MyoFusion Elite Protein Series

/ Posted 06.23.2013

Protein is the foundation of your diet and helps support recovery to build lean muscle, so why not make something … continue reading

Wheat Whacker

According to the May/June ’10 Well Being Journal, whole grains contain a substance called phytic acid that combines with iron, … continue reading

Lateral Raises: Facts vs. Fiction

/ Posted 06.21.2013

The lateral—a.k.a. lateral raise or side raise—remains one of the most common shoulder exercises. Everyone from beginners to Mr. Olympia … continue reading

Double Duty Mass Moves

Q: In Positions-of-Flexion mass training you classify the one-arm cable lateral as a stretch-position exercise for the medial-delt head. But … continue reading

Red-Hot Curry Flank Steak

/ Posted 06.19.2013

I’m forever looking for new ways to marinate flank steak. It’s a staple for my entire family, but as with … continue reading

Q: What other muscles are in the abdominal wall besides the six-pack muscle?

/ Posted 06.18.2013

Q: What other muscles are in the abdominal wall besides the six-pack muscle? A: There are four parts to the … continue reading

Sugar Is Sickening

/ Posted 06.18.2013

You already know that sugar can make you fat, but do you realize that it may also make you sick—or … continue reading

Supplement for Less Soreness

/ Posted 06.17.2013

Some muscle soreness can be expected from a workout, and many trainees embrace it, but debilitating soreness is no fun. … continue reading

Nick Nilsson: Mad Scientist of Muscle

/ Posted 06.16.2013

Nick Nilsson has been providing training advice at his Web site, FitStep.com, in various e-books and most recently in hardcopy … continue reading

Q: What do you think of preacher curls?

/ Posted 06.15.2013

Q: What do you think of preacher curls? A: The popularity of the preacher curl owes much to Larry Scott. … continue reading

Facebook Confidence

/ Posted 06.15.2013

According to the December ’12 Prevention, spending time logged in to your social network can boost your self-esteem. That comes … continue reading

Night-time Protein for More Muscle?

/ Posted 06.14.2013

Milk protein has emerged over the past few years as the preeminent protein source for building muscle. While other protein … continue reading

The Case for Power Shrugs

/ Posted 06.13.2013

There are shrugs, and there are power shrugs. Most athletes who do shrugs do them with relatively light weights and … continue reading

Calf-Stretching Fundamentals

/ Posted 06.12.2013

Q: Any tips on how to stretch the calves? I stretch them every day with the basic wall stretch, but … continue reading

Training for Muscle and Leanness

/ Posted 06.11.2013

Q: I’ve noticed that your abs are not just ripped—they look like bricks. Did you always have thick abdominal muscles? … continue reading

Blown Out of Proportion: Bodacious Bodyparts

/ Posted 06.10.2013

Most of us are so worried about getting bigger or bringing up weak bodyparts that we sometimes fail to realize … continue reading

July 2013 Issue Preview

/ Posted 06.10.2013

Our July issue gets a professional add-on with built Ben White’s new Q&A. He’s big, muscular and beyond strong—one of the most powerful competitors in the pro ranks.


Testosterone and Cholesterol

/ Posted 06.09.2013

Of all the side effects associated with high-dose anabolic steroid use, the most immediately dangerous is the way they affect … continue reading

What Is Motivation?

/ Posted 05.31.2013

I’m considered to be a good motivational speaker, but what exactly is motivation? My expert opinion: Motivation is like a … continue reading

Headache Healers

/ Posted 05.28.2013

Pounding headaches are no fun and can become debilitating. If you get frequent headaches, you may be deficient in magnesium. … continue reading

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