Cannonball Delts

/ Posted 12.28.2012

Q: I need some new exercises to get my delts growing. I do tons of standing and seated laterals and … continue reading

Dressed to Kill—the Weights

/ Posted 12.27.2012

What do you wear when you train? Some people would scoff at that question, as if putting any thought into … continue reading

Q&A: Should I add wrist curls to the end of an arm workout?

/ Posted 12.27.2012

Q: What do you think about adding wrist curls to the end of an arm workout? A: It’s a good … continue reading

Arnold’s Latest: Total Recall

/ Posted 12.26.2012

Is there any American immigrant story—or a life story anywhere—that approaches the level of accomplishment that Arnold Schwarzenegger has achieved in the past 40-plus years?

Food Facts

/ Posted 12.26.2012

Ice in your water that you drink during a meal can help reduce calorie load. Drinking water during your meal … continue reading

Turkey Meatloaf Muffins

/ Posted 12.25.2012

What’s more convenient than a recipe that uses a single mixing bowl? A recipe that uses a single mixing bowl … continue reading

How to Use Chains and Bands to Improve Your Bench Press

/ Posted 12.24.2012

Q: What’s your opinion of using bands and chains for improving the bench press? A: I like both. Chains provide … continue reading

Placebo Power

/ Posted 12.23.2012

According to the March/April ’11 Well Being Journal, a group of 80 patients with irritable bowel syndrome took a placebo … continue reading

How to Build Thick and Powerful Legs, Part 2

/ Posted 12.23.2012

Last month I described an intense leg workout I experienced in college with my training partner Tom Deters. Before I … continue reading

Jill Rudison

/ Posted 12.22.2012

Height: 5’6”  Weight: 133 Age: 33 Bodypart split: Monday: circuit and cardio; Tuesday: shoulders, chest, cardio; Wednesday: legs, abs, cardio; … continue reading

Arnold Sports Festival Invites Announced

/ Posted 12.21.2012

Dexter Jackson Aims For Record-Tying Fourth Arnold Classic Title Six-Time Champ Iris Kyle, Oksana Grishina, Erin Stern, Nicole Nagrani Lead … continue reading

How to Balance HIIT and Steady-State Cardio

/ Posted 12.21.2012

Q: I noticed that you prefer HIIT for cardio. I also noticed that you don’t like to do it in … continue reading

“I Don’t Eat That”

A day doesn’t go by that we’re not tantalized by some so-called treat, hell-bent on derailing our healthy-eating plan. Could defusing the … continue reading

Coenzyme Q10 and Intense Training

/ Posted 12.19.2012

Coenzyme Q10 is not considered a vitamin or even an essential nutrient, since it can be produced in the human … continue reading

Building Troubled Arms with the Perfect Mass-Building Split

Q: I’ve always had trouble building arms, but I notice that on back day they pump up bigger than ever. … continue reading

There’s Something About Citrus

/ Posted 12.17.2012

Most people love the smell of oranges and lemons—unless you’re a housekeeper who uses Lemon Pledge every day. Seriously, studies … continue reading

Adjusting Your Training Techniques As You Age

/ Posted 12.17.2012

Q: I’m a meso-endomorph, so it’s pretty easy for me to put on muscle but it’s also easy as hell … continue reading

How Good Is a Blender Breakfast?

/ Posted 12.16.2012

Some people seem to prefer a protein shake for breakfast. I prefer solid foods, like a combination of meat and … continue reading

Sets, Reps and Getting Strong Pt 5

/ Posted 12.15.2012

In the last installment, I discussed the different set-and-rep formulas I like for high-skill moves like the Olympic lifts as … continue reading

High Fives and Hand Jives

/ Posted 12.14.2012

Is there too much high-fiving and butt slapping in pro sports? Maybe not. According to the May ’12 Reader’s Digest, all … continue reading

One Heavy Hit for More Mass

Q: In the Pre-Ex 3X Mass Workout you use heavier five-rep rest/pause on stretch exercises. It’s a 3X sequence of … continue reading

Cross Over to a Better Chest

/ Posted 12.13.2012

Cable crossovers are usually seen only in large, well-equipped gyms or heavy-iron gyms. The cable crossover unit requires a large … continue reading

Hype, Health and Energy Drinks

/ Posted 12.12.2012

It seems that whenever I turn on my TV these days, I’m besieged by another commercial for the 5-Hour Energy … continue reading

THE LAST STAND Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger Trailer

/ Posted 12.11.2012

What Are You Thinking While Doing Your Reps?

/ Posted 12.11.2012

Q: Love your column. Thanks for the knowledge and inspiration. This may be an odd question, but what do you … continue reading

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