How to Achieve “Shredditude”

/ Posted 05.25.2013

Q: I will be celebrating my 50th birthday this spring. I really like your “walking down the beach at age … continue reading

Full-Range Back-to-Basics Mass Workout

Q: I just started reading up on your [Positions-of-Flexion] mass-building method. The full-range hit on each muscle makes so much sense that I can’t wait to try it.

My Get-Lean Diet

/ Posted 05.22.2013

I usually write about training in this space; however, it’s important to remember that the muscle you build is much … continue reading

Poisoned Perceptions

/ Posted 05.21.2013

“It is what it is,” the contest judge told me. Sure, that’s a common enough phrase these days, but coming … continue reading

Allow Me to Confuse You

/ Posted 05.20.2013

Let me guess. You’ve got to train today, and you don’t want to—that’s “don’t,” spelled “do not” with the emphasis … continue reading

How do I eat for Muscle and Leanness?

/ Posted 05.19.2013

Q: I seen many photos of you, and you’re always in shape. I’ve also read many of your Internet posts … continue reading

Lifting Can Ward Off Metabolic Syndrome

/ Posted 05.18.2013

Metabolic syndrome is a cluster of risk factors that include midsection obesity, meaning bellyfat; hypertension; and adverse glucose and insulin … continue reading

Concentration Curls

/ Posted 05.17.2013

The biceps is probably the most popular muscle to develop, and that’s been the case for nearly 100 years. That … continue reading

The Benefits of Doing Nothing

/ Posted 05.16.2013

According to the Winter ’12 Prevention, you should take time for daydreaming. It appears that it may sharpen learning ability and … continue reading

Curb Your Urge to Binge

When you begin a fat-loss diet, it’s not so bad—if you make your calorie reductions gradual. Even so, appetite starts … continue reading

Go Nuts to Get Lean

/ Posted 05.15.2013

There’s a lot of controversy about nuts as a snack and whether they’re fattening. It’s actually the opposite. In fact, … continue reading

Wave Loading for Super Strength

/ Posted 05.14.2013

Wave loading is a training method popularized by Bulgarian weightlifters. It involves pyramiding up and down the weights in a … continue reading

Beat Monday Blues

More than 75 percent of workers confess that Mondays make them miserable, according to the December ’11 Prevention. Solution? Alex … continue reading

Protein for Sport Performance

/ Posted 05.13.2013

Which is better? Carbohydrate alone or an isocaloric amount of carbohydrate plus protein? Those old-school fools will tell you that … continue reading

What Is “Brain Nutrition”?

/ Posted 05.12.2013

The term “brain nutrition” refers to consuming foods and supplements that improve your focus and cognitive ability. There is considerable … continue reading

The Lunge

/ Posted 05.11.2013

While I firmly believe that the back squat is the very best exercise for developing strength in the lower body … continue reading

Green Coffee Extract: Get Lean With the Bean

It’s the latest fat-loss miracle, touted even by Dr. Oz: green coffee extract. According to the December ’12 Health, Oz … continue reading

Q&A: Your Back Muscles and How They Work

/ Posted 05.09.2013

Q: I’m confused about the different muscles of the back. Would you briefly explain the back musculature? A: The back … continue reading

Arm-Building Secrets of the Pros

/ Posted 05.08.2013

Disclaimer: I intentionally misled you with the title to get your attention. There really are no “secrets” of the pros … continue reading

Just D Facts

According to the winter ’12-’13 edition of Life Extension, even people who are taking vitamin D supplements are deficient in … continue reading

Hardcore Workouts for Bigger Chest, Back and Arms

/ Posted 05.06.2013

Q: I’m interested in some hardcore workouts for my chest, back and arms. I’m not interested in getting any stronger, … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 05.06.2013

Garlic is known for its cardiovascular benefits, but according to the December ’12 Better Nutrition, recent research out of the … continue reading

June 2013 Issue Preview

/ Posted 05.05.2013

Our June issue gets rolling with pro muscle, as in up-and-coming bodybuilder Ben White. This dude is not only built but ultrastrong—one of the most powerful pros in the sport.

Jen Fit Recipes: Baked Stuffed Peppers

/ Posted 05.05.2013

I have to admit, I got the idea for this recipe from one of my male bodybuilding friends. He posted … continue reading

Are You Hip Dominant or Quad Dominant?

/ Posted 05.04.2013

Q: What is meant by the term “quad dominant”? A: Quad dominant is a popular term used in sportsmedicine that … continue reading

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