Who’s Better Than You?

/ Posted 09.04.2013

Even though I currently live in the South, it’s difficult for people to miss my New York accent. I’m all … continue reading

How Much Protein Do You Need Per Meal?

/ Posted 09.04.2013

What’s the magic number? Twenty grams? Forty grams? How much protein should you get per meal? The dirty little answer … continue reading

Before-After Photos: 4X Muscle-Mass Gains

Q: I’ve just started using the 4X mass method. Feels awesome. My aching shoulder already feels like it’s healing and the pumps are super huge. But should I try to use some heavy weights on exercises I can do without pain? I just want to make sure I get bigger. Will 4X alone do it?

Potassium for Muscle Gain, Fat Loss and Health

There’s been a lot of talk about high-sodium diets and how too much salt can damage health. It’s hidden in … continue reading

Q: What’s the best type of chinup to perform?

/ Posted 09.02.2013

Q: What’s the best type of chinup to perform? I see many variations used and was wondering if I should … continue reading

Stop the Presses?

I have a love-hate relationship with overhead presses—especially since I am over 50. There’s no doubt that heavy overhead presses … continue reading

4 Optimistic Characteristics

Positive people tend to be happier and live longer—so say recent studies. So what are the characteristics of an optimist? … continue reading

Are You Fit Enough to be in a National Ad Campaign?

/ Posted 08.30.2013

The Isopure Company is once again looking for the most inspiring body transformation stories to feature in their next ad … continue reading

Phase8: Tastes Great and Feeds Your Muscles for Hours

/ Posted 08.30.2013

The best-tasting protein you’ll ever try has arrived—and it’s already selling like hotcakes! Introducing all new PHASE8—a powerful multiphase eight-hour … continue reading

I Hear You Knocking at My Front Door

/ Posted 08.29.2013

Right about this time every year for the past 13 years I have glowingly declared that the days are getting … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 08.29.2013

Sugar is a far greater danger to your heart than fat, according to the February ’13 Better Health. Sugar is … continue reading

Walking the Canary

/ Posted 08.28.2013

I rise and shine in the morning after eight to 10 hours of restless, interrupted sleep and vigorous tossing and … continue reading

Bodypart Training 2X Per Week: Don’t Overtrain

/ Posted 08.27.2013

Q: I’ve been doing your workout: Monday: chest, delts, tri’s, calves; Tuesday: legs, back, bi’s, abs; Wednesday: off; Thursday: chest, … continue reading

Supplements That Increases Growth Hormone

/ Posted 08.26.2013

Testosterone, growth hormone and insulin are the three primary anabolic hormones in the body. That explains why, when used in … continue reading

Q: Did Reg Park have an influence on you?

/ Posted 08.26.2013

Q: Did Reg Park have an influence on you? A: My introduction to Reg (1928– 2007) came from the equipment … continue reading

Thai Turkey Cutlets

/ Posted 08.25.2013

Any excuse to have Thai food  in our house, and we’ll take it. This recipe is as easy to prepare … continue reading

PreWorkout Supplements: Do They Work?

/ Posted 08.23.2013

Although there may be a world-wide energy crisis, no such problem exists in the bodybuilding world. One reason is the … continue reading

Nap Like a Dog

/ Posted 08.23.2013

According to the March ’13 Reader’s Digest, we can improve our benefits from napping by watching how dogs do it … continue reading

Building Strong Lumbars

/ Posted 08.22.2013

Last month I stated the many reasons that it’s so important for every strength athlete to have a strong set … continue reading

Who Inspires You?

/ Posted 08.21.2013

Q: I enjoy reading your columns and I know you’ve been in the iron game for a long time. I’m … continue reading

Eat More Beets

According to the March ’13 Reader’s Digest, beets are nutrient packed and help produce nitric oxide, which opens blood vessels … continue reading

Joe Mazza: Triple-Crown Bench Press Champ

/ Posted 08.20.2013

Bench press specialist Joe Mazza has made history by becoming the first man ever to hold records in raw, single-ply … continue reading

T-Bar Rows: Variations and Innovations

/ Posted 08.19.2013

All trainees who lift in heavy gyms have performed a variety of rows—barbell rows, dumbbell rows, seated cable rows, T-bar … continue reading

Beef Up to Maintain Muscle

/ Posted 08.18.2013

Sarcopenia, or the gradual loss of muscle mass, is a common consequence of aging and can be a significant risk … continue reading

Getting the Most From the Arnold Press

/ Posted 08.17.2013

Q: When I do Arnold presses, should I use less weight than I do on dumbbell presses? I use 70 … continue reading

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