Best Chest Routine for Beginning Bodybuilders

/ Posted 09.26.2013

Q: I’m 17 years old and a bodybuilding beginner. How do I build a really big chest? A: Use training methods appropriate for … continue reading

Fast-Talking Influence

/ Posted 09.25.2013

We often associate fast talkers with hyperactivity—or even scams. Slick con artists are usually “fast talkers,” but there is another … continue reading

Tips For Getting Awesome Abs

Everybody wants etched abs. But to score your core takes more than a few sets of crunches at the end … continue reading

Q: Did Bertil Fox influence your early training?

/ Posted 09.23.2013

Q: Did Bertil Fox influence your early training? A: Yes. He trained in a harder, briefer, heavier way than did most … continue reading

Maggie Lane

/ Posted 09.22.2013

Photography by Jerry Fredrick Location: Gold’s Gym, Venice, CA   Height: 5’7”     Weight: 125 Why did you start … continue reading

The Art of Anger

When you’re boiling mad, what do you do? Stomp around the house yelling? Punch the stuffing out of a throw pillow? Maybe … continue reading

Monster Traps with Hybrid Cable-Dumbbell Shrugs

/ Posted 09.20.2013

A big, thick set of traps shows that you’re a serious trainer—even more so than big arms, which can hide … continue reading

More Chill, Less Ill

/ Posted 09.19.2013

When it’s cold out, we love to bundle up by the fireplace to stay toasty, but it may be better … continue reading

Zenith Digital Gripper

/ Posted 09.18.2013

Even if you don’t wrestle  alligators or climb rocks for a living, your hands still need to be strong and … continue reading

Are You Stimulating or Annihilating?

/ Posted 09.17.2013

I get to speak with eight-time Mr. Olympia Lee Haney often, and that’s a real honor for me. He was … continue reading

Testosterone, Fear and Fat Loss

•According to the January ’13 Bottom Line Health, big T, as in testosterone, is linked to honesty. “Men given testosterone … continue reading

7-Up Your Metabolism

When you go on a diet, your metabolism begins to slow down to conserve energy. Your body thinks it could … continue reading

Casey Viator: A Bodybuilding Prodigy

/ Posted 09.15.2013

[IM Insiders can download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More] A prodigy by definition is an extraordinarily talented … continue reading

Physical and Mental Strength

/ Posted 09.15.2013

[IM Insiders can download a PDF of this Issue Instantly. Learn More] Thoreau said, “The mass of men lead lives … continue reading

New View: Eggs Are Good for You

/ Posted 09.15.2013

In a special health report put out by the magazine Prevention, a section on eggs was particularly interesting: “Research found … continue reading

It’s Time to Get Broser Built

/ Posted 09.14.2013

Coach, trainer, pro bodybuilder and IRON MAN columnist Eric Broser recently relocated to Beverly Hills, California, to make himself more … continue reading

Relax and Remember

/ Posted 09.13.2013

We’ve all been frustrated when we can’t remember where we put something—like our car keys—resulting in lots of wasted time … continue reading

Building Strong Lumbars

/ Posted 09.12.2013

Last month it was all about the almost-straight-legged deadlift, my all-time-favorite lumbar exercise after good mornings. I covered the reasons … continue reading

Power-Packed Pecs

/ Posted 09.11.2013

Q: I think your chest is just sick (in a good way). While I definitely admire the pecs on people … continue reading

Do Reps to De-Stress

/ Posted 09.10.2013

According to the November ’12 Health, a study out of Tel Aviv University in Israel showed that people who exercised … continue reading

Carbs, Fat Loss and Muscle Growth

/ Posted 09.10.2013

Q: I’m a mature bodybuilding enthusiast. I’ve never competed, but I have been training hard with weights most of my … continue reading

October 2013 Issue Preview

/ Posted 09.10.2013

Our October issue has an over-40 flare, starting with the first Ms. Olympia, Rachel McLish. She’s now 58 but looks 30—and the physique is still sleek and superhot. Wow!


Best Fat Loss Training Methods

/ Posted 09.09.2013

Q: Which of these training methods should I use to lose fat—aerobics, sprints or weight training? Or is a combination … continue reading

CLIF Builder’s: New MAX Bars with TriBuild

/ Posted 09.08.2013

CLIF Builder’s, the great-tasting high-protein bar, introduces CLIF Builder’s MAX with TriBuild protein blend to support muscle growth following your … continue reading

Remembering Casey Viator

/ Posted 09.06.2013

Casey Viator was a bodybuilding prodigy winning the AAU Mr. America as a teenager, the first and only person to … continue reading

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