Bojana Vasiljevic

/ Posted 01.03.2015

Bojana Vasiljevic Age: mid-20s Weight: 105 (contest) 112 (off-season) Height: 5’1” Profession: Personal trainer and nutritionist; IFBB athlete Bodypart split: … continue reading

Hot Doggin’ It

/ Posted 01.03.2015

When I think of hot dogs, I’m reminded of being a kid on those hot summer nights watching baseball games … continue reading

Eric DiLauro

/ Posted 01.02.2015

Eric DiLauro Age: 37  Weight:  240 Height: 5’11” Profession: CEO of Eric DiLauro Mr. Canada Pro Trainer Sample workout, quads (with Bojana): one-leg extensions, … continue reading

Workouts Too Draining?

Q: I’ve been supermotivated the past few months and really hitting it hard in the gym using a full Positions-of-Flexion … continue reading

Killer Arms in 6 Work Sets

/ Posted 01.01.2015

Regardless of all the benefits we know we get from bodybuilding and living a healthful lifestyle, the common reason that … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 01.01.2015

Coffee can do a lot more for you than boost your workout performance. According to Bottom Line Publications’ booklet Coffee … continue reading

One-Arm Lever Deadlifts

/ Posted 01.01.2015

Want to improve your big lifts fast? Improve your core strength. The deep muscles of the core—the obliques and transverse … continue reading

Dark Chocolate Deters Atheroscloerosis

/ Posted 12.31.2014

Both arterial stiffness and white blood cell adhesion are known factors that play significant roles in atherosclerosis. Diederik Esser, from … continue reading

2 Quick Ways to Jack Up Mass Gains

Q: I am reading the e-book Beyond X-Rep Muscle Building, and I noticed that you have a section on X-centric … continue reading

Serious Size and Strength Supplements

/ Posted 12.29.2014

#SHATTER SX-7 The all-new super extreme pre-workout #Shatter SX-7 is a highly advanced clean sensory preworkout formula engineered with seven … continue reading

Avoid these 6 Bench Pressing Errors

/ Posted 12.28.2014

Q: When I bench-press, I lower the bar to a point near my collarbones. I feel more stretch in my pecs that way, … continue reading

Holistic Nutrition Principles

/ Posted 12.27.2014

Take your eyes off of my brilliant, mesmerizing prose for a moment, and look at your arm. In one year … continue reading

Superhero Supermodel Alicia Marie

/ Posted 12.26.2014

Alicia Marie is one gal who goes for the gusto—and takes it wherever it leads. The tall, exotic-looking fitness supermodel … continue reading

Pro-fusion of Shows

/ Posted 12.25.2014

Sometimes it seems as if the bodybuilding season never sleeps. Oh, sure, there are a few weeks from mid-December into … continue reading

Sour Power

/ Posted 12.25.2014

You may see it in the grocery store, hidden on a bottom shelf somewhere near the salad dressings—apple cider vinegar. … continue reading

How Many Forced Reps?

/ Posted 12.24.2014

Q: I love to finish off a lot of my sets with forced reps, but how many is too many? … continue reading

The Pros and Cons of the Cheat Meal

/ Posted 12.23.2014

Q: Do you recommend having a “cheat meal” once a week while dieting to get ripped? I hear that it’s … continue reading

Johan Fehd Karouani

/ Posted 12.22.2014

Photographed at Gold’s Gym, Venice, California   Johan Fehd Karouani Age: 28  Weight: 250 Height: 6’1” Bodypart split: I train … continue reading

Beefy, Leafy Kale

/ Posted 12.22.2014

This leafy green, blue and purple vegetable is all the rage these days. I did some research and found out … continue reading

Building Monster-sized Forearms

/ Posted 12.21.2014

Q: One of my goals is to build monster-sized forearms because I almost always wear polo shirts that stop at … continue reading

Get Ripped Without Losing Muscle Mass

/ Posted 12.20.2014

Q: How did you go about cutting down while keeping size as a natty? I’m about to go on a … continue reading

Ezine 918: Pain-to-gain exercise change (build more muscle size)

Subject: IRON MAN E-Zine: Issue #918: Pain-to-gain exercise change (build more muscle size) Q: I’m a big fan of Position-of-Flexion mass … continue reading

Mike Gritti: Armed for Battle

/ Posted 12.19.2014

by Dan Albert Photography by Michael Neveux Mike Gritti loves to do battle—not just on a bodybuilding stage but in … continue reading

Safe Grilling Secrets Revealed

/ Posted 12.19.2014

Previously, studies have suggested an association between consumption of grilled meats and a high incidence of colorectal cancer. Polycyclic aromatic … continue reading

Food Facts

/ Posted 12.19.2014

Cottage cheese is an excellent high-protein alternative to eggs at breakfast. According to the April ’14 Bottom Line Health, a … continue reading

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