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The latest and greatest in must-have gym technology.

By Amanda Burrill, MS


We’ve all arrived at the weight room only to discover that a major essential is MIA from our gym bag. A lot of gyms can help you out—for a price. I recently spent $12 on a pair of socks because I’d forgotten to bring one of my 700 pairs. So here’s a little cheat sheet of essentials that will make sure your bases are covered, not to mention my new favorite smell-proof gym bag to carry the whole shebang.


Apera Locker Pack


Apera Locker Pack

Price: $129

Where to Buy:

I’ve long been a fan of Apera bags based solely on the sanitized-infused antimicrobial product protection. It resists the formation of bacteria, fungal mildew, and noxious odors, inside and out. This Locker Pack, named because it has been strategically sized to fit in most gym lockers, carries everything you need with intelligent organization. I like the large capacity—33 liters of storage volume to be exact—and that main compartment is accessed by a zipper, allowing full opening to the contents. No more fishing around for what’s on the bottom. With room for a tablet and 15”-inch laptop, this makes for the perfect gym-to-work bag.


Monster iSport V2


Monster iSport V2

Cost: $200

Where to get:

One of the qualities that sets these apart from the competition is that they stay put even during the most rigorous workouts. You can pair these to two different phones or Bluetooth sources. Switch from iPhone to iPod with ease! The V2s can also be used with some of the new speakers and devices that act as “Bluetooth repeaters.” One connects to the music source and “repeats” the signal to the second speaker or headset. That means you can lift to the same soundtrack as your buddy. They are durable, sweat-proof, and washable, so don’t worry about a short circuit.


Adidas Adipowers


Adidas Adipowers

Price: $179

Where to Buy:

As someone who is constantly testing different kinds of gear, I always have my eyes peeled for something I’ve never tried. For a while now, I’ve seen the Adipowers on the feet of folks who look like they know what they’re doing, so I thought it was the perfect time to finally take the hardcore plunge and see what all the serious powerlifter fuss was about. Oh, I get it! This shoe has a three-quarter-inch heel-drop, allowing you to get into a nice deep position with weight back in the heel. The outer sole of the shoe is completely flat, keeping you stable. For such a solid sole, the upper meshes are flexible and breathable. Unlike some (virtually all) weightlifting shoes, these are aesthetically pleasing. What can I say? I like to look good while I’m working on my fitness.


Blender Bottle Pro32


Blender Bottle Pro32

Price: $15

Where to by: or

Finally, the feature I begged for: a rounded base allowing me to whisk up and ingest every last bit of protein powder. There is nothing worse than half of your protein powder stuck to the bottom of the bottle forming a little protein slug that won’t budge. That is straight up stealing from your muscles. The Pro32, not so shockingly named for its 32-ounce capacity, also has an adjustable carry loop and a new SpoutGuard. Even the nicest gyms are a breeding ground of grossness, and this innovation allows you to easily open the flip top without getting your fingers on the spout. Immune system says, “Thanks!” BPA- and phthalate-free and dishwasher safe.

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