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I’m A Lucky Man!

This month’s Publisher’s Letter may sound a bit selfish, but I truly wanted to express my gratitude for the privilege of being able to be editor in chief of this amazing publication. In this job, I get to spend some quality time with the industry’s top athletes at our photo shoots. Their positive vibe, hunger for success, and everything that comes with being a top competitor in this sport has not only had a really positive impact on me personally but also on this magazine and what we choose to present to our readers. The experience has helped me find the same joy in working out and the love for the sport as it did before my very first bodybuilding competition.

This issue is packed with inspiration and great tips, which is perfect to help you stick to your New Year’s resolution. We are very proud to feature three-time Ms. Bikini Olympia Champion Ashley Kaltwasser on our cover this month along with a great story inside. We also introduce up-and-coming fitness star Jaye Hardbody as he works through a brutal arm workout, and then we head south and hit calves with IFBB pro and social media influencer Anthony Perez. As always, make sure to connect with us and engage in our daily discussions on our social media.


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