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IFBB Pro Jeff Seid Is Making A Comeback!

Jeff Seid, known to our readers as our June 2015 cover model, revealed to me earlier this week that he is making a comeback to the competitive stage at the first annual IFBB Stockholm Pro show May 7 during Fitnessgalan, Sweden this May.  This is great news for our industry for multiple reasons.

jeff seid comebackAfter only a year of competing, Jeff went on to win the Jr. Nationals competition  in 2013 which made him the youngest IFBB Professional in history. That same year he won a pro show and qualified for Mr. Olympia in Vegas. Seid's last show was 2014 Mr. Olympia.  Jeff has gained tremendous popularity through social media being often seen as one of the most influential fitness personalities among the millennials. His great aesthetic built, charisma, and his ability to speak his mind through his own social media channels were often seen as controversial by many, but he still succeeded in being very popular with incredible support from his fans and the audience.

I met him during his shoot for Iron Man Magazine in June last year and was floored by his work-ethic, his physique, and most of all, the way he treated his friends and the people around him. When we told him it was a cover shoot, he actually went ahead and brought his friends with him as he wanted to share that experience with them. That was something very unique and refreshing. I’m truly excited to see him back on stage again as he has so much value to add to the Men’s Physique division who’s popularity may be jeopardized due to the rise of the new Classic Physique division.

12801318_853764574734101_1209631081492674628_nI asked Jeff why he is making a comeback and his reply was: “The previous years I’ve competed, I didn't feel I gave it my full 100%. The reason why I’m coming back to the stage is that I want to prove to myself and the world what I’m capable of achieving. Plus, I don’t want to be an old man someday and have regrets”.

This is truly exciting and we will do our very best to document Jeff’s comeback. 

Binais Begovic, Publisher Iron Man Magazine

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